Posted: August 5 2017

‘If you had to work all weekend would it still be the weekend?’

The day started with the remnants of the awful weather from yesterday. The rain had become a fine drizzle, but by the time we came to raise the flag it had stopped and was it was noticeably brighter.

We started with some league play-off action, the stuff we could not get to yesterday. We were meant to do the cement signing straight from breakfast, but that has been postponed until Monday now. As it warmed up, so the sweats came off and we started to get back to normal summer weather.

This afternoon we played a little Green and White, Menominee Monopoly. This is a giant board that runs all over camp Рwe have nearly 70 acres! Рand each team is divided up into twelve different groups.  They must run as fast as they can after each throw of the die to each space  (a white painted cross) on the board, and the team with the fastest time at the end is the winner. It was close Рas is the whole competition Рand the Greens took it by 44 seconds. This closes the gap on the Whites who now lead, overall, by 6 to 4. This is very evenly matched with so much left to play for. It could go either way and I would not want to predict a winner at this point.

The Ten Year Club enjoyed dinner at Pitlicks this evening. We came back to host the Ten Year Club presentation in Wasserman Hall. There were two new inductees this year, joining the existing ten members at camp this summer. Ten years is a lot of commitment to make to anything. It demonstrates a degree of loyalty and desire not often seen nowadays, and we welcome everyone who can give that much time and devotion to the cause.

The sky is clear tonight, but that will mean it will be cooler than last night – and that was cool enough! The sun is coming back, though, and all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever….WOODY!

Woody's Word,