The Best Day Yet

Posted: June 25 2015

‘The most popular computer password is ‘password”.

And sometimes it is the most simple of things that enable us to have the most fun. We have just come out of Wasserman Hall after listening to new cheers and chants, and a poetry showdown. Yes folks, we’re not just about sports and games here. We give opportunities to everyone to shine at things that they excel at. To listen to the boys on stage, in front of the whole group reciting their own poetry, something they might never have done before, but they can do it at camp because they feel comfortable doing it, is a real treat. Some of them are stepping way outside their respective comfort zones, and in doing so they will grow in confidence and maturity.
It would be remiss of us to deny them these opportunities to fulfill their potential. It does not matter what your skill or talent is; at Menominee we will help draw it out and let it ‘sing’.
I wasn’t sure how the day was going to pan out as it out started wet and cool. The rain only prevented us from going on the courts, as once it eased off and then stopped we ran some football and soccer clinics for everyone, as well as a game of Gaga in the new Gaga pit.
There is not much that will stop us playing outside. Only the worst weather will hinder us, but that was not to happen today. By lunchtime the sun came out and the mercury rose, so we went full bore with the morning program this afternoon. Flexibility is one of the many keys to camping, and if we have to mix things up to make the day work then we will do just that.
Twilight League was back on the schedule after dinner and it was the perfect night for it. Yours truly pitched one of the junior games and what a game that was.
In short, another great day. All really is well, so safely rest.
Goodnight everybody.
As ever…

Woody's Word,