The Morning After the Night Before

Posted: July 29 2017

‘The paradox of excellence is that it is built upon the foundations of necessary failure.’

So how do we follow that? There is some truth in the belief that winning creates its own problems. It can be anti-climatic and can create anxiety in the victors. How can that be so? How can winning – the whole purpose of the effort we have expended these past few days – be translated into anxiety and angst? It is the very nature of the hard work that has been put forth that leads to the great crash after the goal has been achieved. I’m happy to say that I have not seen any anxiety about the place today, although the sense of, ‘what do we do now’ was palpable. Well what we do now is to enjoy the moment and get on with camp. There is, as one wise man is won’t to say, ‘a lot of camping still to do’.

We had a lie-in, as promised, although the beautiful day that greeted us this morning prompted many boys to get up early anyway. So it was 10.30 before we really got things underway.  We let the boys find their own way for an hour or so as we let the day slowly unfold. Then, at the all-camp meeting Jason announced camper/counsellor switch day which will take place tomorrow. This is where the campers become the counsellors and the administration, and they run camp for the day. They create the schedule and make announcements; they swap roles and perhaps get a greater appreciation of what is really involved in running a camp.

The Senior cabin provided the candidates for the admin’ posts and they debated the relative merits of their positions, before a vote was taken to see which Senior cabin campers would assume those roles. And those candidates have now been chosen, so they will – under strict supervision (I should have mentioned that bit) – be running camp tomorrow. Their first task was to announce the social we have just got home from with the girls from Camp Marimeta.

It was great to see the girls from what has become known as our sister camp. The Wasserman connection between us remains strong even after both camps went their separate ways some years ago.

And so to bed. I wonder what the boys have got planned for us tomorrow?

All is well folks, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,