The New Month Begins

Posted: July 1 2015

‘To love what you do and to know that it matters; how could anything be more fun’? Katherine Graham

We know that what we do here matters to a lot of people, and not just those with an immediate vested interest in this old place. How we conduct ourselves and how that affects those boys in our care matters more than some people might imagine. We are molding the future and nurturing the young minds that will, one day, walk in our footsteps. An onerous task indeed, but how could anything be more fun?
It was backwards day today which meant that things got a little confusing at times. We woke to the sound of Taps and put the flag up as the light was fading on this beautiful day.
We started things off with an old favourite, the Greco/Roman Leg Wrestling Tournament. Everyone dressed in a toga (a bed sheet to you and me) and made their way to the gaga pit to see each cabin champion take on another in the ‘octagon’. It was quite a sight to see the whole camp walking out across the gully dressed in sheets. But it’s stuff like this that makes the memories that last a lifetime.
We followed that up with Twilight League before lunch. As the weather was so good we had no real option but to call for a beach party this afternoon. It was full-on waterfront stuff for 2 hours!
After dinner we were going to go into cabin clean-up, but we opted for dodgeball on the sport court instead. We can always clean the cabins tomorrow morning as normal.
As if all that wasn’t enough fun, we finished the night off at the campfire – a real campfire – with smores. Phew! What a day.
Would you be surprised if I told you that all is well?
It is, so safely rest.
Goodnight everybody.
As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,