The Sun Returns!

Posted: June 27 2017

‘I pink, therefore I ham’, said the pig.

On one of those rare occasions of the summer, we had to delay breakfast by half an hour this morning as the winter weather got in the way of things. This is what I am used to in England, so I was unfazed, but it’s not what we want at summer camp. However, the weather guys tell us that we are out of the dip and that things can only get better from here-on-in. Indeed, by this evening’s Twilight league, the sun was back doing it’s glorious best as the day wound down.

Despite the cool conditions this morning, we still managed to get everything in that we had planned, even if it meant playing basketball inside, and table-tennis instead of ‘real’ tennis. Everything else went smoothly, and by lunchtime we had discarded the hoodies and sweatpants and were back into more familiar summer attire of shorts and t-shirts. I am hoping that that will be the end of the cool stuff, at least until October.

Our campfire this evening, after canteen and flag, saw the cabins up on stage presenting new chants and cheers. It is never easy to come up with something new, but these guys managed it. There was energy and noise, enthusiasm and passion. There are definitely some cheers, here, that we could use in the future.

As I sit here looking out over the lake, I am wondering where that first week went – the boys arrived last Monday – and how did it go so quickly. I guess when you are as busy as we are then time will not wait for anyone. Being busy and packing lots in is good for everyone. Sure we have our quiet moments, but for the most part there is always something going on and always something to do. We do not know the meaning of the word, ‘boring’, and I’m glad we don’t. I was once told that only boring people get bored. If that is true then we have no boring people here either. What we do have is something for everyone, and for all ages and abilities.

It’s a relatively early Taps tonight. The CITs are up at 7.30 for their trip tomorrow, and I’d like to see them off, which means, therefore, that I must tell you that all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,