The ‘war’ begins.

Posted: July 4 2016

‘War: isn’t there a better way?’  Anon

I guess war is ok when the only things being used to ‘kill’ each other are water balloons and squirt bottles. British and American proper got underway this morning under a hot sun, in front of an expectant crowd on the shuffleboard court. It was time for the Captain’s Duels. Each age-group captain was armed with a large balloon full of water. The object was to soak your opponent with your balloon, while trying to disarm him of his balloon at the same time. All of this had to take place within the confines of the rectangular shuffleboard court. Going into the senior captain’s duels, it was all tied up at 2-2: something had to give. It did, with the last balloon of the duel, as the American missile came down hard upon the British head. Success is measured by the amount of water on the shirt and it was hard for the decision to go any other way but the American’s.

This afternoon we had the all-camp squirt-gun fight. As of writing I am awaiting the official result. Penalty points have to be factored in, so this could be close. There will be more water fighting tomorrow and that will be fine with the sun as it has agreed to come out and play too.

Lazy Day Sunday meant that we got up late today and did not do clean-up. We might even get up a bit later tomorrow too. It’s a national holiday, so what the heck.

The fireworks are lighting up the lake as I write this. July 4th  has come early for some people. We can wait until tomorrow. Until then, all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,