Town Day Part 2

Posted: August 8 2016

‘Playing like a soccer genius for 89 minutes will all be forgotten if you get a red card in the 90th.’

Another beautiful day, another Town Day. You might recall that Town Day last session was rained out (or the ski show part was), but not this time. The sun shone and the Minocqua Bats skied. This was after the boys had spent their money and filled their tummies and spent more time in Packerland than perhaps was good for them. Town Day is a once-in-the-session occasion when we have a largely unstructured day where the boys can get out of camp and see a bit of the real world. We all got back around 8.30 more than ready for bed (at least for some). As I write this, the Hatchet Hunt is underway with the Senior age group trying to decipher clues and find the hidden hatchet. The Juniors and Inters’ are in bed and hopefully asleep.

The day started early with the Masters golf and Doc’s Run. The runners hit the road at 7.30 as they embarked upon the 4.5 mile road-run back to camp. We had nearly 40 runners start the race, and they all finished. It was a counselor 1,2 with the first camper home in third place. It was perfect weather for the race and Dr Kenny Miller, the founder of the race, was on hand to say a few uplifting words at the presentation. That was after he had completed the course himself. The doctor taking his own medicine!

We get back to Green and White tomorrow with Field Days and the Sing in the evening. The Greens still hold the advantage, but that could all change.

As we enter the final few days of our summer things continue to go well, so safely rest, wherever you may be.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,