Town Day

Posted: July 10 2017

‘Go often to the house of a friend, for weeds soon choke up the unused path.’

We went to town today. That was the special thing we do on the last Sunday of the first session. By the time we had got everybody out of bed and had a meeting in Wasserman Hall, there really wasn’t much time left for anything else save for the Camper Council, laundry and prep for Town Day. Getting 150 people to town with all that they need is a logistical headache, but we managed it.

The rain tried to spoil things, but it was no match for our enthusisam and endeavour. Once we had decided to go to town – Minocqua, by the way, not Eagle River – ┬áthen not much was going to stop us. The sun did come out eventually, just as we got to the ski show, so it worked out well for everyone.

Tomorrow we continue with Sun and Wind. After one event the Wind are leading, but that might well change once the Sun starts shining. We also have a visit from the American Camping Association (ACA) tomorrow. We are an ACA accredited camp, and we want to continue our long and successful relationship with the ACA. They will come and make sure we are doing all the things necessary that allow us to claim ACA accreditation. We live by the ACA rules, so I see no reason why that should not continue. It was once said that the Queen (Elizabeth the second of England) must think that the world smells of fresh paint. Everywhere she visits is cleaned and painted just before she arrives, thus giving her a distorted view of the world. We shall do no such thing tomorrow: camp will be camp the way we live it and eat it everyday!

The clouds have gone and there is a full moon to behold. What a sight it is, and how small we seem. But big or small, all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,