Trips Ahoy!

Posted: July 6 2017

‘It’s a small world, although I wouldn’t want to paint it.’

All the trips got away this morning. The Senior cabin are down-state, white water rafting; the 14 year old’s are in Minneapolis and the 13 year old’s are in (at?) the Wisconsin Dells. Those are the motor trips, and they will be back on Friday afternoon. The Intermediate boys are at the camp site tonight after canoeing across Sand and Dam lake to the the Sugar Camp Creek. That’s a great spot to camp; not too far from camp, but far enough away to have that ‘away-from-camp’ camping experience.

That leaves just the two Junior cabins and the CITs at the Friendly Confines this evening. It is quiet!! Just the way we like it. The CITs put on a programme of events for the younger boys before giving them a surprise pizza party.

So what a great opportunity for me to get an early night: and I’m not going to miss this opportunity. All is well on this very mild evening, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,