Triumphant Green

Posted: August 6 2014

‘Life is a succession of great moments that come together to form a great life. Don’t miss those moments!’

What a fantastic finish to Green and White this year. The Relay was so close, but it was the Greens who persevered in the end. After the canoe part of the Relay, both teams hit the beach at exactly the same time, and so both fires were lit at the same time. Now we would see who our master fire builders were. They were both great fires, and both erupted with a ferocious desire to boil the water. After only 5 minutes the Green water was bubbling away and they were off on the next leg of the Relay. Just 2 minutes later the Whites were after them. Such is the nature of the Relay that it was the White team that came to the hill and the balloon toss first. After numerous attempts to get their balloon moving (and many dropped balloons too) the Greens then cruised past them to the flag pole where their balloon was broken and the game was up. Cue everyone in the lake to celebrate.
So it was the Green team that prevailed overall this year. Many congratulations to them.
After such a hectic day it was nice to slow things down a bit in the evening with a bit of softball – the first games of the championship series – and Five Year Night in Wasserman Hall. After inducting 16 new members, we went off to celebrate and party at De Noyers in Eagle River.
And we are at the last day of camp! It’s going to be a beautiful day and we will make the most of it.
All continues to be well, so safely rest.
Goodnight everybody.
As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,