New Photo Delivery System

Posted: April 16 2018

This summer, we’re excited to let you know about our partnership with a new photo delivery service where you can get all the photos of your camper delivered straight to your phone! No more hunting and pecking through hundreds of photos every night! This technology, offered by Waldo Photos, uses facial recognition to match your camper’s face to photos in our album, and then sends them to you via fun and friendly text messages. Learn how it works in this quick video.

To enroll, text MENOMINEE2018 to 735-343 and follow the prompts. And 50% of proceeds go to camper scholarships so more people can enjoy our special camp experience. You can also view our entire photo gallery (free) at Enter code: MENOMINEE2018.


There are a few important things we would like to note:

  1. This will not replace our current photo system. We are still going to upload EVERY picture we take to your CampInTouch dashboard as we have in the past. 
  2. This service is offered by Waldo, a third party vendor. All questions and customer service issues will go through them. 
  3. The thought with this partnership is to add a potential valuable service to parents. We have not worked with them before and can make no guarantees as to the accuracy of their system, HOWEVER, we did our due diligence and have talked to a number of camps who rave about their system. 
  4. Camp Menominee does not collect any money from this partnership. The fees for the service goe to Waldo and to our partner scholarship funds, the Nate Wasserman Camp Fund and Camp for All Kids. 
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