We Beat Kawaga!!

Posted: July 30 2016

‘The coach should never take all the credit, and likewise, he should never take all the blame.’

Today it was the players – your boys – who should take all the credit. They were magnificent as they not only got the 7 wins they needed for overall victory, they went way further than they needed to by securing victory by a massive 40 to 25. ┬áThis was a very convincing scoreline indeed, and much better than we had ever expected. So how did we do it? We were tenacious and hungry; we were disciplined and skilled; we were quietly confident. Perhaps more than anything, though, we really wanted to win this competition. And therein lies half the battle when you compete in anything: how badly do you want it? We had not won in a few years, so we wanted to see what it felt like; wanted to experience (once again) that great feeling of having achieved something after putting in some hard work. And it felt good as we all jumped in the lake late this afternoon. Could this be the start of a new dynasty? Could this be where and when CM is reborn as THE place to be in the summer? Of course there is far more to camp than just this one competition, (and CM is still a great place to be, no matter what), but it is stuff like today that will live long in the memory of everyone who was here to enjoy it.

We still have a lot of camping to do, so we shall enjoy this moment for now before our own colour war gets underway next week. The boys who are leaving tomorrow will be full of what just happened over the past two days, so they will be leaving on the biggest high they could leave on. What a great day!

All is well; in fact it couldn’t be better, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,