Weekend Warriors

Posted: July 2 2017

‘The only way to do it, is to (just) do it.’

We got back from Camp Agawak for girls in Minocqua at 10.00 and that was the end of our Saturday. The boys do love their socials, and Agawak is such a great camp to go to. We look forward to hosting them later in the summer.

This morning we did an international sports day, with the international counsellors helping to teach the boys the rudiments of cricket and rugby. That was easier said than done given the complicated nature of both games (especially rugby). I’m not sure that even those who play the game understand the rules. But we tried to keep it simple, and the boys seemed to enjoy it.

The summer weather has returned, so we are hoping that that will be the end of the snow and ice. I exaggerate of course, but shorts and t-shirts are what we want, not sweatpants and hoodies, especially as it is trip week next week.

Lazy Day tomorrow. The week has gone quickly: we need to slow things down. The 4th July is looming, so B and A must be, too.

We have a few boys leaving tomorrow, and a few new ones coming up to take their place. For those who are leaving we wish you all the best for whatever the rest of the summer holds. Can I thank you, the parents, for sending your boy to CM for the past two weeks. The pleasure has been all ours.

Le Tour is underway and the first stage has been won by a Brit (a Welshman to be precise), so all is well, therefore, we can all safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!



Woody's Word,