It’s the weekend!!

Posted: July 19 2014

‘If at first you don’t succeed… then you have a lot in common with almost everyone else’.

The gremlins were at work again last night. They also go into the tape deck on the p.a system, so we got a double does of them. This particular gremlin strikes when you least expect it and can render one impotent and redundant, as well as angry and frustrated. The 21st century has proved a perfect breeding ground for them, such is our dependence on the machinery in which they love to breed. There is a price to pay – I suppose – for the progress we make in computers and all other gadgets that run our lives, and pay we must, so my apologies for the delay in posting this Word. The gremlins are asleep (or whatever gremlins do at this time of day), so let me get to work.
The cold has abated and the summer has really come back to us. This is how camp is meant to be and we love it like this. After instructional activities and some league action what better place is there to be but in Sand Lake. We did lots of all of those things yesterday (and more besides) and the lake proved to be a welcome break from the warmer temperatures.
The boys performed their Movie Night skits on stage last night. What a great opportunity for those talented thespians and musicians (and there are many amongst us) to strut their stuff. The idea was to bring to life a scene or two from some favorite movies on stage in Wasserman Hall. I’m not as familiar with some of the more recent movies as the boys are, but they certainly know their stuff and the audience seemed to like it. And if the audience likes it then you must be doing something right, correct?
So the weekend is upon us and the Mega Social this afternoon looms. I will tell you about that this evening (gremlins permitted). Maybe they are like the raccoon I bumped into at the back of the mess hall last night; nocturnal, clever and hard to catch.
Animals aside, all is well, so safely rest.
Goodnight everybody.
As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,