Welcome Back. 17 June 2013

Posted: June 17 2013

‘A child educated only at school is an undereducated child’. George Santayana.

Welcome back to the Friendly Confines for another wonderful summer in the North Woods. My name is WOODY and I will be writing the Word again this year. Along with STEVE and BARI, I would like to extend a big hello and an even bigger thank you to all of you out there with a Menominee connection, wherever you may be, but especially to those parents who have entrusted us with your boys this summer.

Camp is a special place, and this camp in particular is very special for so many reasons. This is our 86th summer of camping in the North Woods of Wisconsin, and this year will be every bit as good as those that have gone before. We have a strong staff, culled from all over the world and it is our intention to make every day memorable and meaningful.

The buses pulled in a little after 2.45 this afternoon and the boys were met with a raucous welcome and a pep rally in Wasserman Hall. Campers and counselors were introduced, cabins were announced and camp was underway. Once again the ball fields and waterfront were alive with the sound of boys enjoying themselves, the way that camp is meant to be.

Camp is quiet now as the boys are in bed sleeping in the cool, crisp, pine-scented night air. The sky is clear, the moon is out and the lake is calm. All is well in fact, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,