Where is everyone?

Posted: July 7 2017

‘If we end up without enough water for all the people in the world, is that because there are too many people or not enough water?’

That’s thought provoking isn’t it. I’ve always maintained that making people – especially young people – think is part of the job of a teacher/coach/parent. Making them think and wonder is so important in their development and learning. We are trying to do that all the time here. Someone who drove into camp today wondered where all the boys were (hence the title today), and I had to explain that it is trip week, and as such we are pretty empty of boys right now. That will change tomorrow, of course, when we all come back together, but today, at lunchtime there was almost no-one here at all.

The boys on the trip to Minnesota got a special insiders look around the Dome, courtesy of CM alum Corey Provus. Corey works for the Twins franchise and was excited to welcome our boys there as the Twins hosted the Angels. I guess it helps to know people in the right places. And Corey, you are always welcome back at CM!

Those boys on the river cut short their trip this evening as they canoed straight back to camp after their specially cooked dinner in the woods. It turned out to be a good call in the end as the rain came and dampened us down around 8pm.

The CITs are in town this evening doing some team-building stuff as they continue their learning curve as the counsellors of tomorrow.

And cabins 3 and 4 went to Bond Falls about 45 mins north of here for a day trip. Everyone, therefore, has experienced a bit of something this week. And there is more to come tomorrow while we await the return of the motor trips. By dinner we all be back together and camp will then continue as normal. There is, as the old saying goes, a lot more camping to do yet.

The thunder that I hear right now should not detract from the fact that all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,