Windy Wednesday

Posted: July 14 2016

‘If we always do what we always did, then we’ll always get what we always got.’

It was windy in every sense of the word today. In a very real sense the wind did blow hard; hard enough to effectively close the waterfront down. Such were the white-caps on the lake that it was almost impossible to go swimming. And that was a shame as we wanted to run the Sun and Wind swim meet this afternoon. Instead we opted for Field Days, where the boys played football, soccer, volleyball and basketball as a Sun and Wind event. That was all tied up by dinner, so at 6.30 we all convened at the Bob Bender Senior Diamond to decide things with a 13 and over softball game. The Sun won that and with it Field Days, but the Wind took the competition overall. The Wind, as we say, blew them away. The Sun just wasn’t hot enough this time.

So we are almost into our last full day of the first session. It will be Twilight League Championships all day tomorrow, before the bonfire tomorrow night. That has to be the fastest four weeks I have ever experienced here. I guess that is what happens when you are having so much fun: you don’t notice the time slipping away.

A polite notice to all you parents who are making the trip north this weekend: we ask that you do not come into camp before 2.30 on Friday afternoon, unless you have arranged otherwise with Jason. We will then ask you to park on the golf course until 3.00 whereupon the ‘gates’ will open and you will be welcome to come and in get your boy(s) and meet the staff.

It goes without saying that we look forward to seeing you all. Whether you are a veteran or a rookie, everyone will be afforded the same CM hospitality and friendly welcome.

The wind has, at last, died down and taps has been blown. Three cabins are awaiting their pizza prize in the mess hall; the senior cabin are playing a little basketball under the lights, and yours truly is heading for a shower and a good sleep. And I can do that because all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!


Woody's Word,