Wonderful Wednesday

Posted: June 23 2016

‘Somehow, year after year, my parents managed to take us on vacations they couldn’t really afford, so as to provide us with memories we could not afford to be without.’

Boy have we been making some memories today. I’ve been here long enough to know that memories are what we do well here. I also know that those memories are the kind of things that money simply cannot buy. Having the experience of camp and making new friends and trying new things is a very special thing indeed. Even if you only come here for one summer, you will make memories that will last a lifetime and that no-one can take away from you. This evening, for example, with our campfire, ‘Soccer Celebration’, things took place on stage that made us laugh out loud and have already been filed away in the bank under, ‘great memory’. The idea was that each cabin had to come up with a unique way to celebrate the scoring of a goal (in soccer). I guess this was quite a topical campfire what with the Copa and the Euros going on right now. Well I have to say that your boys certainly know how to celebrate the scoring of a goal. Great memories.

Before that, the day was a normal day; Big Ten in the morning and MCAA (Menominee Camping Athletic Association) League action this afternoon. We also managed to get a Big Brother, Little Brother obstacle course in after dinner. So much fun! And the sun shone too!

We have been blessed thus far, and all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,