WOODY’S WORD 19th July 2013

Posted: July 19 2013

‘Sunshine is to flowers what smiles are to people’. ANON

The heat-wave is over! Tonight it feels a lot more like northern Wisconsin and a lot less like Miami, Florida. Indeed, the night is calm and still and the moon is high and bright. The ladies from Camp Birchknoll have just left us after an evening of socializing. Our boys did a grand job of dancing and playing music and serving brownies. And the girls did a great job of being great campers from a great girls’ camp.

Our day was interrupted by a short, sharp shower just before lunch – the first real rain we’ve had in over a week. It was never enough to make much of a difference, but the air was cooled somewhat. We mixed it up this afternoon when we went into some prime-time. We have been on-schedule with a lot of structure all week, so it seemed like a good time to let go a little and the let the boys do their own thing for an hour or so.

And now the weekend is almost here. It’s not as if we do nothing at the weekend or even take a break – although Sunday is a bit more relaxed – as the fun just keeps on going. Tomorrow might well be the last ‘normal’ day we do this summer. We still have so much more to pack in before August 8th, a whole lot of camping in fact.

So all is well, please safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,