WOODY’S WORD 19th June 2013

Posted: June 19 2013

‘It is the greatest of mistakes to do nothing because you can only do a little. Do what you can, when you can, wherever you can with whatever you’ve got’.   Sydney Smith

Another wonderful day in the North Woods. We have been blessed indeed with this weather. When it’s like this there is nothing we can’t do, and we’ve done a lot today.

We kicked it all off with two rounds of Final Four, our instructional activity. This is where the boys learn to play and perfect the sports and games that they play in their leagues in the afternoon. We will coach and instruct in just about everything we do here at camp, with specialist counselors in every activity. We want to make sure that every camper knows what they are doing – and trying to do – be it kicking a soccer ball, throwing a softball, swimming in the lake or shooting an arrow. As a sports camp that believes in healthy competition, we try to instill in the boys a sense of right and wrong and a passion for whatever sport they choose to play. It pays off not just in a camp setting, but at school and the wider world.

After some league action this afternoon we go into an extended General. This is where the boys can choose what to do and take a more relaxed approach to it. That said, if they want extra instruction and tuition then they can have that too.

This evening saw the start of Twilight League, our traditional and very popular softball program played, funnily enough, in the evening in that bit between dinner and shower-and-dip at around 7.30. On such a beautiful evening as it was today, the sight of a hundred boys spread out across the fields playing competitive softball is a truly glorious sight. For all those alumni around the world who are reading this with all those wonderful memories flooding back to them, please know that the softball program is in good hands and that the Bob Bender Senior Diamond saw a terrific game there tonight with 29 runs scored over the 7 innings.

We took it easy after Canteen and lowering the flag. We gathered en masse around the fire down at Sand Lake for some stories and tall-tales. The lake was still and as the loons said goodnight in the only way that loons can, we sang Taps and headed off to bed ourselves. All is well folks – indeed it couldn’t be better – so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,