WOODY’S WORD 22nd June 2013

Posted: June 22 2013

‘The guy who invented the first wheel was not so smart; but the guy who invented the other three; now he was a genius’. Sid Caesar

It’s the weekend! Not that the weekend is so different from the rest of the week. It’s just as much fun and maybe even more so. The weather once again tried to upset us this morning, but we were having none of it. The wind blew – HARD – so much so that we had white-caps on the lake! It was great kite-flying weather, but just a little too strong for sailing or windsurfing. Ironic eh?

By mid-morning things had calmed down and we went full-bore with all the activities. Instructional and leagues took up most of the day, and TLL (Twilight League) this evening.As I write this the boys are watching the ‘Hawks beat the Bruins and then we’ll blow Taps. We’re also busy uploading pictures which can sometimes take a while, so please bear with us. Phew!

Tomorrow is Lazy Day. As the name suggests it is the day when we take things a little easier and get up a little later. I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow night, but for now, all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,