Woody’s Word, 24th July 2022

Posted: July 24 2022

“Don’t look for an excuse; find a reason”.

Hello everybody

Lazy Day Sunday! At least that was what it was meant to be until we got out onto the soccer pitch this morning. We had gone out there, ostensibly to sign up for Kawaga teams, but that was until a plane swooped down low, just to the left of us, and dropped off a packet of “beat Kawaga” team jerseys. At that point the Senior cabin roared in from out of the woods with all the other shirts, and this was the moment that the campers realised that the time had come! We always like to make the revealing of the jerseys a really big deal, and this was certainly no exception. No-one will forget that plane (being flown by one of our very own counsellors, I might add) swooping down to deliver the precious cargo. After that we jumped straight into some team practices. With the competition scheduled for Tuesday afternoon and all day Wednesday, we urgently need to formulate teams and fine tune our athletes. We know that Kawaga will be doing the same, so the adage, “it’s very difficult to beat a team that doesn’t want to lose” holds firm.

Lazy Day Sunday is a chance for everyone to lie in until 10.00. Some of us needed to, as well, after going out to party on Five Year Night. We had 17 new members of the club inducted last night, so that meant that there were well over 70 people that made the trek to DeNoyers in Eagle River for the Five Year celebration. Five years is a long time to spend at, and devote to, one place, so we think it is fitting to recognise and acknowledge that fact.

The boys are enjoying movie night as I write this. Once that is done we will be going to the Way. Long pants and long sleeves and a hat WILL be needed, not least because the temperature has dropped this evening. It’s chilly, folks, but all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody

As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,