Woody’s Word 29th July 2021

Posted: July 29 2021

“Discipline yourself, so others won’t have to”. John Wooden

Since I last wrote on Tuesday evening, the White team have edged ahead in victories gained, but both teams are now level on points (825 I think). So it’s a tight contest. It’s much better when it’s like this. The teams are as evenly matched as can be, so don’t be surprised if it all comes down to the Relay in just under two weeks.

We all survived camper/counsellor switch day yesterday. The Senior cabin took over the running of camp (with a little supervision), and I think they have a slightly better appreciation of what it takes to run a camp now. They wrote the programme for the day, and for the most part it went well. We did get some storm activity late in the afternoon and again in the early evening, so that slowed things up a little while we resumed control, but other than that it was their show.

Today it was back to Green and White. Bari’s Biffs took place before lunch ( a great game that involves socks full of flour), and as soon as that was done we signed the cement (concrete actually). Every year we lay some new concrete so that the second session boys can leave their mark in the ground for all to see for all time. Sometimes we have to crack out some of the old stuff, in order to get the new stuff in. And that’s what we have done this time. Out with the old tetherball court between cabins four and five – it had two big cracks in it – and in with the new one. It is now fenced off and drying, and should be ready to play on in the next couple of days.

This afternoon we creatively acquired the energy source, and rug piled, all in the name of Green and White, and as I write this, the boys are in Wasserman Hall playing mannequin madness. The fun just doesn’t stop, and there will be more of it tomorrow.

In the meantime, all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

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