Woody’s Word, 31st July 2022

Posted: July 31 2022

“Youth would be an ideal state if only it came later in life”.

Hello everybody

Last night was a late night, because last night Green and White fever broke out. Yes folks, that’s right, Green and White has started. And what a way to start, as the way to the new building was lit up with green and white lights and tiki torches to guide the boys to their names written on the new concrete floor. It was one of the best starts to G&W that I can remember. Once inside the building, the first event of Green and White took place. The two teams face one another and have a cheer off. The judges are looking for volume, unison of ‘singing’, participation, choice of cheer, and it was the White’s that won this first event.

Today – Lazy Day Sunday – saw the first major ‘battle’ of Green and White take place: Vroom. This is a game played over the entirety of the camp (including the woods), in which strategically placed flags have to be captured and returned over the line that divides camp, while trying to avoid getting squirted with ‘killer’ dye. This might be the favourite game of the second session, and in this, the White’s triumphed again. This afternoon it was out to the athletic fields for Runners and Chasers. This is certainly one of my favourite games. It’s a little difficult to explain the rules here, but suffice to say, it involves a lot of running while being chased. I’m awaiting the result of this game. That will be announced at lunch tomorrow.

Before Green and White broke out, we had a social/colour run with the girls from Chippewa. This went on well into the evening with dancing, food and drink, and all-round lots of fun.

As I write this tonight, the sky is being lit up by an encroaching storm. We’ve played Taps and half the camp is probably asleep by now, so they won’t hear it pass by, if it hits at all. I hope it does, though, as we do need the rain. But whether it does or doesn’t, all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,