Woody’s Word 4th August 2021

Posted: August 4 2021

“Money: the one thing that keeps us in touch with our children”.

What a day of competition! It’s been hot and sunny and non-stop. As the day comes to a close, it is the Green team who find themselves 15-12 ahead. The Whites started to close the gap after lunch, but the wrestling this evening was a pretty decisive victory for the Greens. So we go into tomorrow’s last full day of action with everything to play for. It really could go either way at this juncture.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen the boys work so hard. It was relentless stuff as we strove to stay on schedule. The 13 year old soccer game went to a penalty shoot-out, with the Whites holding their nerve as saves were made and posts were hit. There was no time for an extra period of play, so penalties it was. Just like the England game a few weeks ago, a penalty shoot-out is no way to win a game, but we needed to get a result. It was that White win that brought the overall scores almost level, but a strong finish to the day (including the wrestling) means that the Green boys go to bed tonight with the advantage.

Whoever wins or loses tomorrow, we know that all will be well, so we can all safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,