WOODY’S WORD 4th July 2013

Posted: July 5 2013

‘History is what happened ‘yesterday’, remembered today and hopefully not forgotten tomorrow’. WOODY

July 4th! What a great day in history; at least it is here in America. We don’t make such a fuss in England, but we loved the fireworks last night. Indeed, fireworks are THE party piece here. We – in England – traditionally let off fireworks on the 5th November (‘remember, remember the 5th of November’) and that too is to commemorate and remember a great historical event. But I like fireworks in summer and we loved the social and fireworks last night. We spent the evening at Camp Marimeta across town. Our historical links with Marimeta go way back. It was Edna Wasserman – wife of Nate – who used to run the girls’ camp, while Nate himself took charge over here at the Friendly Confines.

We always enjoy going over there and ‘partying’ with the ‘red and white’, and last night was no different. We got back late (for us) at 10.30, so Taps didn’t blow until 10.45. The internet was running slow, so I’ve had to wait until now to write the Word, but better late then never.

British and American is underway and the Americans have taken an early lead. We shall take a short break from B&A today as we have competition with Camp Timberlane this afternoon, before getting back into it tomorrow.

We are going to let the boys sleep in a bit today after our late night last night. Another beautiful day is on its way and all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,