Woody’s Word 5th August 2021

Posted: August 5 2021

“Adolescence is that period in a child’s life when parents become more difficult”.

What a turn-a-round the day has been for the White team. I ought to be writing about a White overall win in the Cross Camp Classic, but the late afternoon rain meant that we ended the day without playing the basketball games, which in turn meant that we are stuck at 26 to 22 in favour of the White team. We actually have five basketball games to play, and the 16A softball game, which, as you mathematicians have already figured out, means that we could end up at 27 a piece. At this juncture this seems unlikely, but then who would have thought that the Whites would have turned this around in the way that they have. If I was a betting man (I’m not), I would have to say that the Whites will hold on and steal this win from the Greens. They need to win just two of the six events left open to them tomorrow, whereas the Green team would have to win everything tomorrow. But until that fat lady has sung….

We’ve just left the Rec Hall after playing The Price is Right. What a stark contrast that was to the day of competition we’ve just had. The weather gods are saying that there might be rain tomorrow, but if there is one job in the world that someone can get completely wrong, and still keep their job, then predicting the weather is that one job.

One way or the other we’ll have a Green and White Cross Camp Classic result tomorrow. And I’ll let you know as much detail as I can in the next edition of The Word. Until then, all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

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