Woody’s Word, 5th August 2022

Posted: August 5 2022

“The last finisher always beats the non-starter”.

Hello everybody

So the White team have taken a decisive lead as we head into the weekend. We played Egg Time this morning, an (egg)citing event that involves looking for any number of brightly coloured plastic eggs, while this afternoon it was D-Day (another game that requires many plastic squirt bottles). Of course the big events of Green and White, the Sing and the Relay are yet to come, so this competition is still wide open. No counting chickens just yet.

This evening we honoured those who have been here at camp for 10 years. We have four new members joining the club this year, including one family (the Goodman clan, now that you ask) who had four members of the family on stage. Beat that! A Menominee first I’m sure.

I’m going to write this and then go to Wasserman Hall to watch Rock Band Night. This is the opportunity for the singers and musicians to strut their stuff. We have a packed programme I am reliably informed, that includes something from the youngest camper all the way up to the oldest member of staff (not me!) haha.

And then, given that all is well, we can all safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,