Woody’s Word (6/17/19) – The Summer of 2019 Begins!

Posted: June 17 2019

Hi Everyone – thanks for joining us for CM’s 92nd summer. We are back with all of our greatest hits this summer as far as content is concerned. Below you will find our daily recap podcast that I host, followed by Woody’s Word – our daily blog written in the eloquent way that only our Assistant Director of 29 years Woody can. Visit our Camp News site every day for a new blog and podcast. You can also subscribe to the Camp Cast on all podcast platforms including Spotify and Stitcher. We hope you enjoy all of it!

The Word Podcast – On this first episode of the 2019 summer, Jason is joined by Assistant/Youth Development Directors Pamela Adler and Jeff Toombs. We recap the first day of what is sure to be a special summer at camp. We also talk about the youth work Pamela and Jeff will be doing with our rookie families, cabins and staff. Such a great first episode to kick off the summer!

Woody’s Word Blog

We’re Back!

Remembering is good. Learning is better. Living the lessons would be best.

Camp is underway, and what a day! Hi everyone; my name is Woody and I will be at the ‘wheel’ of The Word this summer, guiding you every step of the way as the camping season begins. Woody’s Word is our attempt to keep you as informed as we possibly can of what goes on here at CM. It will endeavor to be as objective as possible, while maintaining a degree of impartiality. By that I mean it will feature few, if any, names; just events and happenings. For names and pictures, please feel free to access the Megaphone on the Menominee website. Between The Word, the Megaphone and the podcast, you can almost be here with us.

So where do I start 2019? Well….the buses pulled in at 2.30 this afternoon to be greeted by the large number of boys already here. Some had been ‘leftover’ from Father and Son camp (what a roaring success that was this year), and some had flown in, just yesterday. Our boys come from all over the United States – Illinois, Wisconsin, Florida, California, Arizona, Minnesota – while our counsellors come from all over the world. We are lucky to have many guys returning to the Friendly Confines this summer, from England, Ireland, Scotland, South Africa and Mexico. One big happy family coming together for another great summer in the North Woods.

Once the boys were off the buses we headed into Wasserman Hall (named after former owners Alan and Elaine Wasserman) for the opening pep’ rally where cabins were announced and noise was made. Father and Son camp was loud, but this was louder still. The bit between the buses and dinner was taken up with necessary admin’ stuff (health checks, letter writing, bank, activity sign-ups), but the boys helped get this stuff out of the way as quickly as possible, and into dinner we went. You can’t beat a full mess-hall full of excited boys on the first day of camp. The whole place seems to come alive, and I love that.

By way of getting active, we got into some Capture the Flag in the early evening: always a fan favourite here at camp. It was an opportunity for everyone to get to know one another and just burn off some energy. We slowed it down after showers and flag with an all-camp bonfire down at Sand Lake. What a gorgeous evening to be sitting by the lake without a care in the world. Tom Adler, one of our directors, played guitar and encouraged joke-telling, while Jason wrapped it all up with some well-chosen words of advice and wisdom.

It looks a like we have a great crowd here for the next few weeks, and we have to thank you, the parents, for that. Camp is nothing without the boys, for it is them who make camp what it is.

As I write this, Taps is playing over the loudspeakers, and all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

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