Woody’s Word (6/23/19) – Ask the Director

Posted: June 23 2019

The Camp Cast – Ask the Director LIVE

On this very special Sunday edition of the Camp Cast I am joined by the ENTIRE Senior Cabin live in studio. The boys from 18 help me bring one of our favorite camp traditions to the podcast: Ask the Director. Each week the Senior Cabin hosts a “camper’s only” council where boys from each cabin come give their suggestions on ways to improve camp. They then take those suggestions and read them live over the PA system to me for his instant reactions and commitments. We turned it into a pod this week so we hope you enjoy!

Woody’s Word – Lazy Sunday

‘The road of life is paved with flat squirrels who couldn’t make a decision’.

Please forgive my tardiness for not writing last night, but time got the better of me. And it was Saturday night: party night! NOT! Saturday nights can, however, run a little late sometimes, and writing with a tired mind is not always the best thing to do. But here I am 24 hours later, back in the saddle.

So it’s been Lazy Day today. As the name suggests, it is a quieter kinda day, when we go off-schedule and do some different things. For one thing we start an hour later, as we like to let the guys sleep in a bit: and who doesn’t like a sleep-in? The boys in the younger cabins, that’s who. The 8, 9 and 10 year olds are not yet fully cognizant of the sleep-in-it’s-the-weekend concept just yet. For them it’s just another day, and another opportunity to bounce balls or jump on the trampball at 7am. Every day’s a play-day when you’re that age, and who can begrudge them that.

When we did get going at 10am, we had a quick get together in Wasserman Hall and then dispersed into cabin activities. The most important activity is to find a campsite for hot-dog cookout. The young guys always seem to love going into the woods (I did), and it was a good day for it: cool and cloudy, which made wearing long pants and long sleeves not such an arduous task. Campsite located, most cabins then got on with some game-playing until lunchtime.

The camper council convened at 12.00. This is where representatives of each cabin get together with the Senior Cabin to talk about camp and discuss things that might make camp better, or things that they might want for the future. The Senior Cabin will report back to Jason on what they discussed tomorrow.

We let the boys enjoy some free time this afternoon before the rain came just as we were about to start hot-dog cookout. Remarkably, though, it did not last long, and under the trees it was still quite dry, so out we went for dinner. Sundaes on Sunday in the mess hall followed that and then it was movie night. Two movies tonight: one in the living room and one in Wasserman Hall, and all done by 9.30. We were meant to go to The Way, our special programme for Sunday night, but by now the rain had returned so we called it a day.

Despite the rain (liquid sunshine we like to call it), we have had a good day and all is well, so we are safely resting now.

Goodnight Everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

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