Woody’s Word (6/25/19) – We’ll Show You The Way

Posted: June 26 2019

Good Evening Everybody! No podcast tonight, we’ll jump right back in with everything tomorrow, so here is Woody’s Word for today. Enjoy!

Fact: you can get Naked in Walmart.

We’ve just walked in from the Way, our once-a-week special programme out on the golf course, that was delayed because of the weather from Sunday last. It is a beautiful, still evening here, especially now after the short, sharp shower that passed through around 7.30. It created a rainbow that arched over Sand Lake, a rainbow that might be the best I have ever seen here.

Sun and Wind formed the bulk of the afternoon as we took to the soccer pitch to play Runners and Chasers. I love this game, even if, at first sight, it seems impossible to understand. The idea is to run for as long as you can – as a team – without the chasers catching you. Seems pretty simple, eh. Of course there’s a bit more to it than that, but you really have to see it in action to fully appreciate what is going on. The Wind won this one, but the Sun came back strong in the next game – Pursuit Relay – to leave the score a narrow 2 to 1 in favour of the Wind. Exciting stuff, and there’s more to come tomorrow.

This morning it was Big Ten instructional. Gotta love that structure and regimen. The boys sometimes think that they don’t want structure and rules, but in truth, they would be utterly lost without them. As would we.

So here we are, nine days in, and all is well. So safely rest.

Goodnight Everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

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