WOODY’S WORD 6th August 2013

Posted: August 7 2013

‘I had six good teachers they taught me all I knew, their names were What and Where and When and Why and How and Who’. ANON

I’m writing this the morning after the night before, and what a night it was. We had Five Year Night in which we honor all those who have been at camp for 5 years or more. For those joining the club last night, they received their 5 year jacket in a ceremony in Wasserman Hall before the whole Five Year Club – 45 strong this year – headed into Eagle River for a pizza party. It was one of the stormiest Five Year Night’s I can remember as the skies around us were lit up with a passing storm and pouring rain. But it was a great night and everyone had a wonderful time.

Green and White came to a conclusion with the Relay. In beautiful sunshine the Green team took a convincing 12 minute lead, only to be pegged back when it came to the water balloon toss up the hill. For some reason they could not get their balloon going and the Whites made up the lost ground as they cruised in from the lake on their canoe and their balloon simply flew up the hill to be ‘smashed’ against the flagpole fully 15 mins ahead of their Green rivals. With the Sing already won, the Whites were declared overall winners of Green and White 2013.

And so the last day is almost here, and all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,