Woody’s Word (7/1/2019) – Happy Canada Day!

Posted: July 1 2019

Camp Cast

Oh boy you are all in for a treat tonight! We are lucky enough to have our outstanding photographer Imelda and our incredible CNA Allie on to discuss another spectacular day at camp. We cover activities, Menominee firsts for some of our boys (and for Imelda and Allie) and they share their impressions of camp after two weeks at the friendly confines. I also take time to discuss what parents should expect during trip week, where their boys are going and what they will be doing. You don’t want to miss this one!

A few notes before you listen: I completely forgot to mention that today Jeff and Julie took 27 of our boys to the ice rink in Rhinelander to do some skating, an appropriate activity on Canada Day! They had a blast and one of the pictures is posted here.


Woody’s Word – Trip Week

‘Do more of what makes you happy!’

Today was the last ‘normal’ day we will have for a while. Trips start tomorrow, so the whole camp will be split up and won’t come back together again until Thursday dinner. This is one of those weeks that the boys really look forward to. We have buses going to Minneapolis, the Wisconsin Dells, Door County, and the younger guys will be canoeing and camping out. I take a keen interest in the canoeing and camping trips, as I like getting back to nature and doing things that I don’t get to do at home. That’s not to say that The Mall of America is not fun, but it’s just a mall, and there are many of those. But the Sugar Camp Creek at night? That’s fun. Although it is not far away from camp, it is far enough when you are 11 years old and have not slept in a tent before. But whatever trip the boys go on, they are bound to have fun.

Our normal day was Big Ten in the morning and King of the Camp this afternoon. I’m writing this as they are finishing up the Spelling Bee. It was the turn of the more academic boys to shine on stage this evening. And spelling out loud in front of lots of people is not easy.

And now I have an office full of people, so I guess the Bee is done, and all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight Everybody

As ever…WOODY!

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