Woody’s Word (7/16/19) – All In the Family

Posted: July 16 2019

The Camp Cast

On this very special episode of the podcast we are keeping it in the family! My cousin Max Kirsch and his cabinmate Charlie Dumo join me to recap a spectacular day at camp including: picture day, our first Big Brother/Little Brother event, some MCAA League action, Twilight League, a Senior Tennis game we call Davis Cup and a camp favorite campfire “Let’s Make a Deal”…could we put together a better day at camp?!?!

Woody’s Word –We’re Having a Heatwave!

‘You cannot build a house without a foundation, and neither should you try’.

This is hot and humid, and it’s going to get hotter still. It’s better than cold and wet, but this weather drains you quickly. It certainly means that the lake and the waterfront are busy. It’s the best place to keep cool right now.

It was picture day today, and it was a big crowd that we had to get onto the risers. We just about managed it, but it was a squeeze for sure. We will have to build an extension next year if the numbers stay like this. What a problem to have!

We got into some MCAA league action this afternoon, and then a generous General so that everyone could cool off in Sand Lake. We also started our Big Brother, Little Brother events today. This is where we pair up the older boys with some of the younger, newer boys, so that they – the younger ones – can learn the ropes and get to know each other better. The Senior Cabin and the CITs are in town tonight, while the rest of the camp Make a Deal in Wasserman Hall. For my part, I am going to finish this, take a shower, and crash. I think I’ve earnt that today.

Hot and tired, but all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight Everybody

As ever…WOODY!

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