Woody’s Word (7/3/19) – Trip Week In Full Swing

Posted: July 3 2019

Camp Cast

On this mini-mega edition of the Camp Cast I am thrilled to be joined by counselors Jake Hoodack (Nate 2019) and Zach “Zeke” Quen. They just got back from their 11-year old canoe trip and Copper Falls camping trip, respectively, and are eager to share ALL of the stories from those trips. We go deep into each trip, major highlights, upgrades from 2018 trips and so much more. They share some really special camper moments and many “Menominee Firsts”. This is a very robust ep so we hope you enjoy. It is also just a sample of all the great trip stories that will come from your boys in a trip-week mega pod later this week!

Woody’s Word – ‘Empty’ Camp

‘If you think training is hard, try losing’.

Hey there outside world. I’m writing the blog tonight as the boys we have left in camp are watching a movie in the living room of the lodge. We only have a handful of them, as everyone else is still out on their trips. Indeed, I came back from the campsite at the Sugar Camp Creek just an hour ago, and the guys there are having a great time. We have lucked out with the weather for sure. No rain anywhere, and very warm. It’s a great night to be sleeping in the woods. And the boys on the motor trips are having a ball, too.

It’s a strange week, trip week, with so few people here. But it is a chance to slow down a bit and take stock. But tomorrow, on America’s birthday, we will be as one again. And then I’m sure to have some stories to tell about the trips.

Until then, please know that all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight Everybody

As ever…WOODY!

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