Woody’s Word (August 3, 2018) – Cementing Our Legacy

Posted: August 3 2018

Good evening everybody! On this spectacular episode of The Word I am joined by the only 2 people who are up to the task of recapping THREE full days at camp: Cabin 12’s Harrison Hoffman and Brady Kay. We cover Green & White events, league championships, skit nights, our 10-year club induction ceremony and much more.

We didn’t even get to talk about how we signed the cement today so I’ll give you a quick recap: each year we lay fresh cement in camp and every person in camp signs their name with their cabin. We do our best to not break it up until it is unreadable. We have cement in camp that goes all the way back to the 40s! Maybe one day our current campers will have sons that come find their dad’s names in the 2018 cement…

All is well at CM. Goodnight everybody! For the Love of Camp – Jason

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