Woody’s Word: July 10, 2021

Posted: July 10 2021

“The eyes are useless when the mind is blind”
Apologies, folks, for the lack of Word last night. The computer gremlins struck again. Actually, it was the internet rather than the computer itself, but it’s doing ok tonight, so I’ll make the best of it while I can.
We continued with what passes for a normal day here: instructional in the morning, then leagues in the afternoon. The leagues – King of the Camp – to give it its official name, are what the boys seem to like the best. Here is the perfect opportunity to put into practice the things they have been working on in the Big Ten instructional periods in the morning. We are, unashamedly, a sports camp, where the emphasis is on playing competitive sports. The boys will learn what it is like to win and to lose and how to deal with both. Life will present them with plenty of wins and losses, whether that be in a job interview, school/university exams or even in pursuit of love and a partner. It is as well, therefore, that they learn how to deal with the inevitable slings and arrows that life will throw at them from here-on-in: and where better to do that than in camp.
This evening we were back on the ball fields for some Twilight League. This is where every boy in camp is on a team, and they all play softball. It is our favourite sport here at CM. With the land and space that we have, not only do we have a golf course, but we also manage to create eight softball diamonds. That’s enough softball to keep anyone happy!
I’m writing this as the boys are in Wasserman Hall (dedicated to the late Alan and Elaine Wasserman, former owners of the camp until 1983), having a new-style trivia night. A camp fire like this is an easy-to-produce-affair, and just a fun way to end the day.
Tomorrow is Sunday Lazy day, almost everyone’s favourite day. What would normally be a cabin-centric kind of day, is going to be something different. I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow night, as for now it is a surprise that has not yet been revealed to the boys.
But please know that all is well, so safely rest.
Goodnight everybody
As ever…WOODY!
Woody's Word,