Woody’s Word: July 14, 2021

Posted: July 19 2021

“If you’re not part of the solution, you must be part of the problem”.
And the problem this afternoon was Mother Nature. She has been kind to us thus far, but to go a whole summer without a storm would be like going a whole (sporting) season without a loss. That has actually been done – in the English Premier League (Arsenal, 2004) – so perhaps that isn’t the best analogy, but given that it is such a rare occurrence, I’ll stick with it. We knew the storm was coming, and we did need the rain, so all was not lost. But it did mean a rather swift end to the King of the Camp games that were taking place on the fields.
Having got the boys safely inside, we decided to (Let’s) Make A Deal, our version of the classic TV show.  We gave them 20 minutes or so to prep’ and get dressed in the crazy, zany style required of Let’s Make A Deal, and then that’s what we did for the remainder of the afternoon. That brought us to dinner, by which time the rain had done its worst and was easing off. That allowed us to resume those abandoned games of football and soccer straight after dinner. But the rain came back, so once those games were done, we called a halt to any more outdoor stuff for the day. We had planned to start the Twilight League Championships this evening, but that can now wait until tomorrow when we can get a full day in.
We’ve just sung Taps, so with any luck, the younger boys (at least) will be asleep by 9.50. We’re allowing the older boys to stay up a little longer to watch the NBA finals (game 4), and for my part, once I have written this and showered, I, too, will be asleep. The good food and the fresh air up here in the North Woods means that we are able to play hard and sleep well. And if we can safely rest, so can you, because all is well.
Goodnight everybody.
As ever….WOODY!
Woody's Word,