Woody’s Word (July 17, 2018) – There’s a First Time for Everything

Posted: July 17 2018

Good evening everybody! You are in for a treat tonight as I am joined for a lively conversation and recap of the day by campers Max Kirsch and Zach Meyers. We cover their plan for this evenings camp fire “Lip Sync Night”, the start of our MCAA League action, a number of Menominee firsts and much more. I know I mention this on the pod, but we had 4 new waterskiers today and it’s only our 2nd day! I am so impressed with the new group of campers we have this session. They have incredible attitudes and are eager to dive into camp and new challenges head first. As I walked, biked and drove around camp today I saw boys learning how to play tennis, shoot arrows for the first time, hone their skills on our golf course (we had 18 boys at one of the golf periods!) and do so much more. The weather was kind to us today as it cooled down to high 60s/low 70s…the perfect setting for a great day at camp. I hope you enjoy the episode.

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For the Love of Camp – Jason

PS – Check out our goof ball staff. Your kids are lucky to have this amazing bunch!

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