Woody’s Word (July 21, 2018) – 5 Year Night

Posted: July 22 2018

Good evening everybody! This evening we inducted 20 campers into our 5 Year Club. Every camper or counselor who attends camp for 5 years receives a special jacket with their name on it, and asks a current member of the 5-year club to induct him by presenting the jacket during our ceremony. It is a truly special night. We had a number of alumni join us for 5-year nigh this year, including veterans Marc Beermann and Teddy Cohn who presented their son and nephew respectively with their jackets. We got back pretty late from 5-year night, so I let the campers go to sleep and I enlisted the services of Josh Ingram, Jeremy Kohlenbrener and Terry “TJ” Jones (up visiting for the weekend) to help talk about 5-year night and the importance of loyalty at camp. I hope you enjoy!

For the Love of Camp – Jason

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