Woody’s Word (July 24-25, 2018) – Earning a Lazy Day

Posted: July 25 2018

Good evening everybody! We have 2 VERY different days of camp to recap, so I brought in the heavy hitters. Today, Senior Cabin members Kase Ratzlaff and Danny White join me on the pod to discuss our final day of competition, our victory celebration and our reward: Lazy Day! We slept in this morning and opened breakfast from 9-10am, and then woke the camp up for a cabin day in the morning, and a beach party in the afternoon. We just finished up one of our favorite skit nights, Commercial Night 2018 and the boys are surely resting to prepare themselves for another great day at camp.

One final thought before we get to the episode: on Sunday night at The Way, we reflected on how lucky we were to have the group of campers and staff we have this year. We are truly a family in every sense of the word, and the last few days have only reinforced these feelings.

For the Love of Camp – Jason

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