Woody’s Word: July 8, 2021

Posted: July 9 2021

“Keep going until you get it right, then keep going some more until you don’t get it wrong”
Trip week is just about done. The little guys – the Juniors – are in the woods under the stars tonight, on what might be the perfect night for sleeping out in a tent. It’s cool, rather than cold, and dry rather than wet. It’s also still. Indeed, as I sit in the back office overlooking the lake this evening, the water looks quiet and sleepy in the moonlight. Mother nature – when she wants to be – can be very benign and enticing.
The Senior cabin got back from white water rafting just in time for dinner, while the Intermediates did their best to beat them as they canoed across Dam and Sand lake. So we’re almost all back together again. As much fun as trip week is, I much prefer it when we are all together, experiencing camp as one. But that’s just me.
The sun came back out today, so putting the past two days of clouds and rain behind us. We ride whatever wave she sends us, so there’s no stopping us. We can always find something to do, no matter what.
We hope to get back to a normal day tomorrow. I like that return to structure. Sometimes the boys think they don’t want that (structure), but when we let them do their own thing, they then yearn for the structure and discipline that the schedule provides for them. Even as adults we like some structure and rhythm to the day. No-one can get by on spontaneity alone.
With everyone accounted for, and everyone happy, I can safely say that all is well, so safely rest.
Goodnight everybody.
As ever…WOODY!
Woody's Word,