Woody’s Word (June 21, 2018) – What Made Your Day?

Posted: June 21 2018

What made my day was…

“…watching my best friend win us our newcomb game.”

“…going tubing with my friend and falling off the tube and my pants almost coming off!”

“…spending a lot of time with my brother today. It is my favorite thing to do.”

Good evening everybody! As I am writing, taps is playing over the PA system, signaling the end of a long, fun day at camp. The quotes above are from CM campers, as this evening as we gathered into Wasserman Hall to talk about the highlights of our day. We call this “What Made My Day”, clever I know. It was great to see about 15 campers and a few counselors stand up in front of the group to share their best moments of another beautiful day at CM. The sun’s rays were unimpeded by clouds today and our boys took advantage during Big Ten instructional activities, King of the Camp League play and a special scavenger hunt written by our counselors.

The highlight of my day, however, came at lunch. Today we celebrated our youngest camper’s birthday (he turned 7). We sang and cheered for him at lunch as we do for every birthday, but unlike every other birthday, this birthday boy requested to give a little speech in front of the entire camp. He confidently approached the staff table, grabbed the microphone and proceeded to tell the entire camp how much fun he was having, how great it is to meet new people, and how awesome it is to have a place where all these people can be there and have fun. There was barely a dry eye around the admin table.

Quick “Menominee Firsts” update: we had 3 new waterskiiers today and a first time golfer! The camper was a natural as he defeated Thomas C. Adler in a chipping contests during his first time out.

That is all for now, the boys are getting some much needed sleep. All is well. Safely rest. Goodnight everybody.

For the Love of Camp – Jason

Note about camp Pictures: Thank you all for your patience with the picture uploads. We had some difficulties with the CampInTouch uploading system the last 2 days. We are currently completing the final upload and should be fully caught up on pictures through CampInTouch by late this evening. As a side note – we have also been uploading an album a day to our Facebook page as a backup. Please make sure to check our page every evening.

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