Woody’s Word (June 23, 2018) – Mixing It Up

Posted: June 23 2018

Good evening everybody!

Well, the first week at camp has come to a close. The boys are currently resting comfortably in their cabins on a perfect 62 degree Northwoods evening. We could not have scripted a better week of weather and activities. Our morning ski club was able to get up at 6am each day to barefoot, slalom, ski and wakeboard. We saw new skiers, shooters, climbers and golfers. We got through 2 rounds of each Big Ten instructional activity, and well into our King of the Camp league play where the Knights are currently leading the Phoenix, Thunderbirds and Dragons after the first week of action.

Tonight, we were welcomed by the amazing girls of Chippewa Ranch Camp for our first social of the summer. The boys showered, brushed their teeth, put on deodorant and tried to look their best for the girls. If nothing else, the social ensures that our boys up their hygiene for at least a day…

Chippewa was the perfect host with great music and separate stands for cookies, funnel cakes and ice cream. Needless to say the boys had a blast, especially the boys who got to see their sisters.

Tomorrow is Lazy Day! We all get to sleep in, breakfast is extended another hour and when the boys roll into the mess hall they will be met with bagels, lox, danish, fruit eggs and other treats. Sundays are very special at camp, so check back tomorrow evening for a Menominee Way edition of the word.

For now, all is well. Safely rest. Goodnight everybody.

For the Love of Camp – Jason