Woody’s Word (June 24, 2018) – Attitude is Everything

Posted: June 24 2018

Today’s Word is courtesy of Thomas C. Adler:

Not another manic Monday, today is Sunday, that’s our fun day. It’s cabin day and the guys get to sleep in and then are treated to a great brunch of lox and bagels, fruit, and coffee cake. Most of the day was spent as a cabin day starting with each group finding a permanent camp site for their weekly evening cookout. Campers were swimming and skiing by cabins, playing baseball, volleyball, and soccer. 30 boys elected to go to the ice skating rink led by Jeff, one of our hockey gurus (he’s Canadian so hockey is a requirement). Jason announced Prime Time at 3pm and each camper picked a counselor who specializes in an activity and off they went to the wall, skiing, rifflery, sailing and more. And then to their camp site went the campers and their counselors for a fun hot dog cookout. I mentioned Sunday is a fun day and indeed it is as a full hot fudge sundae (not Sunday) bar was prepared for everyone in the mess hall. A true decadent treat was enjoyed by all. And then the campers relaxed to watch a movie (I voted for the Green Mile but got overruled per usual). No, the day is not over. Sunday night is our tradition of The Way, which is a beautiful, meaningful campfire put on by our C.I.T.s (counselors in training). Tonight six people were awarded an arrowhead for demonstrating great Attitude (one of the six Menominee traits). And the night ended with Jason hosting “Ask the Director” which consists of everyone hearing Jason’s answers to camp questions posed from our Senior cabin. And that’s enough for one day to tire this writer out. Good night everyone.   The Flash

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