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For the Love of Camp

The Menominee Philosophy

Our mission is to help unlock the potential of our campers so they can be the best version of themselves. While we offer a dynamic program of athletic, aquatic, outdoor, and creative activities, we don’t think it is enough to simply teach our boys how to swing a bat, get up on water-skis or shoot a bullseye. Campers today are capable of so much more and we want to help bring out the best in each of them. At Menominee, we follow a set of core values designed to foster personal development and teamwork. The boy your son wants to be, will grow at Camp Menominee.

See What's Happening At Camp

One thing which is not different about this summer is getting to have our amazing alumni stop by when they're in the Northwoods like these two legends from different CM eras, Danny Slutsky and David Gutterman, who both swung by last week. Thanks for coming over, Boys! #MenomineeAlumniAssociation #MAA #CMFamily #CMLegends #bleedgreen💚 ...

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#CMAroundTheWorld. St. Germain, Wisconsin's very own proprietor of Thunderbird Bar & Grill, Fritz Richter rocked this sweet CM Swag while waiting out Hurricane Isaias where he is currently located in Key Largo, Florida. Fritz was adopted into the CM Family by, and got the shirt from, his good friend and coach (and our former owner/director) Glenn Klein. Fritz fell in love with the Northwoods while attending camp at our neighbor down the road on Hwy.D Towering Pines for many years. WTG, "Fritzy" and "Nelg"!!! #CampPeopleAreTheBest #CampIsFun #FunIsGood #bleedinggreennation ...

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Last Edition's Answers:

1. Besides the Wass', the first three-generation CM family was the Ehrlichs.
2. Dam Lake, Stone Lake, Echo Lake and Chain Lake join Sand Lake to comprise the Sugar Camp Chain.
3. Besides the New Staff Cabin, the youngest cabin in camp (ironically) is the Senior Cabin, #18.

First to correctly reply to:
You may have to do a little research but it' will be worth the effort! 💯💚

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Golden Sunday Sunrise Sand Lake Scenic Serenity from the Fishing Pier courtesy of our jack-of-all-trades and master-of-a lot @joe_sallgoodman_stapleton #cmfishing #LazyDay #SugarCampChain

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NHL Hockey is back TODAY! So, too, will CM Hockey be soon enough!!! #CMHockey #CM2021 #CM94 #HangInThere #TeamMenominee #GreenNstion #makinglemonadeoutoflemons🍋 ...

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#tbt Menominee Gothic. Circa: Two Weeks Ago. #SweetasSider #GreaterThan > #CMResort #CMFamily #BleedingGreen #CMLegend #cmlegacy ...

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We can all agree the summer of 2020 was a huge bummer...

So, let's forget about it and move forward!

It's time to look ahead to the Summer of 2021!

Registration for Camp Menominee's 94th Summer opens Monday August 10th.

In the meantime, check-out the YouTube video on camp’s channel as we look forward to '21!!!

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Look what CM's Celebrity Chef Loren Rue gifted our Man About Camp (and the Mess Hall) - the apron not the mask. :) 💚🍔🌭🥪🍕🥙🥦🍏 ...

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Buster with an incredible tackle! #campisgood #menomineeresort #campisfun #funatcamp #cmstaff #ruesday #campdog #grass #funinthesun #northwoods #fortheboys #dev #summerfun #tropicalheatwave #familycamp #dansminocquafudge #doi ...

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This has been a summer of learning, adapting and growing. As a camp community, we have come together to try and deal with the 2020 summer that wasn’t. Our CM family has been learning how to handle disappointment, build resilience, persevere through a tough time, get creative in the moment and make the best of what we have.

Some of you may not know this, but this summer has many parallels to something that happened in the summer of 2000. 20 years ago (sorry to age our podcasts guests) we were told mid-summer that our competition with Camp Kawaga would be cancelled that year. Of course, this doesn’t hold a candle to the entire summer being cancelled, but as campers and staff, this is one of our favorite events of the summer and something we look forward to year-round. When we got the news, it was devastating.

In that moment, we had to come together as a family and support each other. Out of it came an incredible sense of brotherhood and a new camp event that still lives on 20 years later.

So we thought this would be the perfect time to do an episode of The Recampables. During Week 1 of Family Cabin Rentals, we asked 2000 Senior Cabin members Matt Schwartz, Jon Sider and Loren Rue to join Jason, Jeff Toombs, and Jeremy Kohlenbrener on the deck in front of the office to break it all down. We also made Camp Cast history by recording in front of a live audience! We hope you enjoy it!!

Ways to Listen: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play

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Camp Menominee for Girls? In 2020, absolutely! Definitely helps beautify the Friendly Confines!!! #CM2020 #TheLastResort #CMFamily 💚 ...

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CM Dad's can really get up! #CaptainsDuels #CMFamilyCamp #CMLastResort #CampIsFun #funisgood ...

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Family Camp week 4 Doc’s Run! ...

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Future third generation CM camper and 2029's Canteen #1 (he's already signed-up), Connor got to caddy for his Pop Judah Klein.. Your kids can, too! Still some room at the CM Family Resort for the remaining weeks. Contact Jason today at camp for details! 💚⛳️ #CMGolf #NorthwoodsOnlyNineHoleGolfCourse #cmfamilycamp2020 ...

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Our "Greens-Keeper" is on it!!! #CMResort #CMGolf #FamilyCamp2020 @joe_sallgoodman_stapleton ...

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After a brief hiatus, we are back to continue Season 3 of the Camp Cast. This week we have two great episodes coming out for you.

First, in "The Redemption Podcast" "The Redemption Podcast" with Nate Beermann, Miles Provus, Cooper Spector, Ethan Mann, Jacob Schneider and Ryan Martin we recommence the show and kick it off with a gem. A couple months ago Jason recorded a quarantine pod the guys. We debut two new segments: “Q and A with J” and “Instagram Follow Backs”.

Coming Soon! A 2000-2001 Recampables recorded live on the deck of the CM office with Senior Cabin '00 members Matt Schwartz, Loren Rue, and Jon Sider along with Jeff Toombs and Jeremy Kohlenbrenner with a special appearance by Ethan Weiss.

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Menominee Mosquitos #campmenominee #cm2020 #creativelyaquire #cmresortstaff #cmisgood #cmisfun #saladboi ...

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Great day on the lake with JJ Barber! #liquidmirror #barbershop #campisfun #campmenominee #gooigi #menomineeresort ...

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First to correctly reply to:
You may have to do a little research but it' will be worth the effort!
Last Issue's Answers:
1. "Hail Our Colors" is sung to the Michigan State Fight Song."Hail to Menominee" is sung to the Navy Fight Song.
2. The words to "Alveo" are: Alvevo, Alvivo, Alveo, Vivo, Vum! Go get a rat trap, bigger than a cat trap. Go get another one bigger than the other one. Rah! Rah! Sis Boom Bah! Menominee Menominee, Yay!
3. The traditional chant heard at the Boil the Water leg of the Green & White All-Camp Relay is: "Burn, Baby Burn!"

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You can't beat a perfect grilled cheese sandwich consumed at the Friendly Confines. #CMComfortFood #CampMemories 🥪💚 ...

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