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The Menominee Philosophy

Our mission is to help unlock the potential of our campers so they can be the best version of themselves. We don’t think it is enough to simply teach our boys how to swing a bat, get up on water-skis or shoot a bullseye. Campers today are capable of so much more and we want to help bring out the best in each of them. Behind our dynamic program is a set of core values that guides us. We promote personal development and teamwork so that the boy your son wants to be, will grow at Camp Menominee.

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Breaking in the new podcast studio with Nolan and Cooper. Shelves are a bit bare, but they’ll be full soon. What else should we add?? ...

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WOODY'S WORD: June 23, 2022

Hello everybody

We’re coming to the end of another great day here at CM. We have one more activity to go (Menominee Squares, now that you ask), and that will be that. We are doing the Squares out in the Gully (as I write this)as we continue our efforts to keep most of what we do at the moment outside. Menominee Squares is Tic-Tac-Toe by another name, and this version is being run by the CITs as I write this.

After playing hard all day (another hot one, btw), it is something of a relief to be able to slow things down and sit quietly and listen to the show.

This might be the opportunity to explain our philosophy and what exactly we do here. We are a competitive sports camp, and as such we try to teach the boys the right way to win and the gracious way to lose. We explain to them that while winning is a great feeling, losing is something we all have to deal with at some point in our lives. Losses come in all forms: exams, love, driving tests, sports and more, and there is no getting away from it. Coming back strong from a loss is all important, and it is in those times that one finds their inner strength and resolve. At that point one needs to work hard to find a way to win. Maybe learn what it was that cost them last time, and make a pledge to practise hard to put right any faults, and thus get better. I’m not suggesting that any of this is easy: sometimes it is , and sometimes it is not, but it is the attitude that one brings to the table that will determine how difficult or how easy things will be going forward. That is what we are trying to teach in the Big Ten activity periods, which we then put into practice in King of the Camp. If we add on all the other things that we do here, we’d like to think that the, ‘boy you want your son to be comes home from Camp Menominee’.

So we have a lot to do this summer, and I’m happy to say that we have started the right way, and all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight Everybody

As ever…WOODY!

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Enjoy the Camp Cast for June 23, 2022:

On this family friendly episode of the podcast we have camp veterans Sam and Max Rosen on with their first year camper cousin Matthew Feinberg! We recap a near perfect day at camp starting with instructional Big Ten activities and ending with a fan favorite Menominee Square campfire (with a twist). Enjoy!

Listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or anywhere else you get your pods!

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Another beautiful day here at the Friendly Confines. It’s just as well there is a change in the weather, or some people would be unable to start a conversation. haha. But seriously folks; it was beautiful today. A little fresher, which was better,

Before we got to afternoon General, though, we had a pretty normal day. Big Ten and King of the Camp. Let me tell you a bit about King of the Camp. There are four teams, each with their own colours and jersey – Phoenix, Thunderbirds, Dragons and Knights – and the campers are divided between the teams. They play every afternoon, two rounds of sports, a major and a minor, and there will be a trophy at the end of the session for the winning team. The boys really get into it. They all support one another in the team effort in pursuit of the trophy. Unlike Twilight League, which is exclusively softball, King of the Camp involves many sports, so this gives more boys the chance to shine in something they are good at.

This evening, we changed things up a bit. We went straight from dinner (well almost) into our first skit night of the summer: Soccer Celebration! This time we did the skit in a very different fashion, in as much as we went out to the actual soccer field, and scored a real goal and then acted out the celebration right there on the field. We are trying to stay outside as much as possible this summer (and the weather is certainly allowing us to do that), and this particular skit night was tailor-made for just that.

After Canteen – which was at a much more reasonable time this evening – we had the Senior cabin lead four different groups of campers in learning the Songs and Cheers, in preparation for the real Song and Cheer night on Friday evening. It is essential that the boys learn the songs and cheers so that those who stay for Green and White (our colour war in the second session) know what to do and what to sing when it comes to the singing part of Green and White. But that’s a way off yet. For now, though, as the camp is wrapped in a giant, warm, black blanket tonight, please know that all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight Everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

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International Yoga Day 2022, and our guys had the best view on the planet to participate in it! #CMYoga #CMNamaste #InternationalYogaDay 💚🤍 ...

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Camp Cast, June 22, 2022: On this extra super special episode of the podcast, Cooper Borstein is back! We get into an amazing full day at camp including Big Ten instructional activities, King of the Camp, our first skit night of the year and much more...including a decent amount of nonsense. We had a great day at camp! Enjoy the recap.

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It’s a hot one!

“Camp doesn’t start when we’re ready: it starts when the boys arrive”.

Hello Everybody

What a hot and humid day it has been. This could have been Florida in July; that’s how hot it was today. It’s so strange to think that there was ice on the lake just eight weeks ago. Such are the vagaries of nature.

Anyway: the weather apart, lots of things have been going on today. This morning we started our Big Ten activities. The Big Ten (named after the big ten schools) is our instructional programme where the boys learn how to play the sports that they then play in their King of the Camp leagues (more on that tomorrow). We have two such instructional periods in the morning, and we go hard at it. We have a lot to pack in, in a short space of time, but if everyone is paying attention and moving quickly, we can get a lot done.

Given that it was hot today, we made full use of the waterfront during morning and afternoon General. General is that short(ish) time between more formal activities when the the boys can do pretty much whatever they want, as long as they are out of the cabin(s).

By this evening, the boys still had enough energy to start Twilight League, our evening softball programme. This is one of the most popular sports we do here at camp, and everyone is on a team. Junior, Intermediate and Senior is how we break them down, Juniors and Intermediates playing 12 inch, and the Seniors 16 inch. We went long tonight, so as I write this, we have only just started Canteen, which is pretty late for Canteen. Canteen is the one time of the day when the boys can treat themselves to a “cold one or a sweet one at the only red and white building in camp”. We would normally have been done with this by around 8.50 before heading into Wasserman Hall for skit night. But not tonight. It will be the flag next, then Taps, then bed. Done.

We’ve had a great first day, and all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

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Annual plug for one of our favorite things to do every summer: the CampCast! Every evening Jason is joined by a couple campers to recap the day and talk all things camp. Link in bio. ...

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WOODY'S FIRST WORD! June 20, 2022

Hello Everybody

Welcome to the summer of 2022 and the first edition of The Word. My name is Woody, and I will be your ‘guide’ as we navigate the months of June, July and August from up here on the shores of Sand Lake.

We’ve been doing this for 95 years now, and we couldn’t be more excited to get the summer of 2022 underway. And underway is what we got at around 3.20 this afternoon as the buses came to a dusty halt outside the Mess Hall. I say dusty because after three days of hot, dry, sunny weather, everything has dried out, (it doesn’t take long) and the dust is easily whipped up. Indeed, today was probably the hottest day of the summer thus far. But no matter: the show went on, and the pep rally welcomed everyone – old and new – to camp for this summer season.

After everyone found their respective cabin counselors, and headed back to their cabins to start unpacking, we began the five station rotation (the necessary logistics stuff that enables us to hit the ground running tomorrow), and we were almost done with that when the call for dinner (Piggies) was almost upon us. With a little bit of juggling with the schedule, we were able to finish the rotation so that by early evening all the boys had been deemed fit and healthy by our two wonderful nurses (Kate and Olivia): they’d been instructed in waterfront safety by waterfront director, Jeremy: they’d written a letter, handed in their phone and banked any money they might have (with Pam and Tom), and most importantly of all, they’d signed up for their Big Ten activities (more on that tomorrow).

We closed out our first evening down at the fire at Sand Lake. I can’t remember a warmer evening for the opening fire. We had wise words and jokes, a few songs, and we sang Taps together under the stars. A great way to end the day, I think.

I am – we are – so glad that you chose Menominee for your son’s summer camp experience this summer. If the stars align and the weather plays its part, then the next two, four, six, eight weeks should be a blast.

Everyone is here and all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

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Today, the calendar says is the First Day of Summer. However, for your CM Family here at the Friendly Confines, we know the Summer of 2022 began yesterday! We are happy to report ... #SummersHere! #CM2022 #CM95 💚💚💚💚💚💚 ...

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To "Dad's Nads" - Happy Father's Day, Congrats on winning the Bob Sachs Fantasy Camp Twilight Championship Trophy last weekend AND thanks for reminding all Green Nation: THERE IS ONLY ONE DAY TO GO TO OPENING DAY 2022!!! #CM95 #SummersComing #CM2022 #OneMoreDay! ⚾️💚🤍 ...

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Happy Father's Day 2022 from the Friendly Confines AND Father-Son Camp! Wishing nothing but health and happiness to all our amazing Dads! 💚🤍#CMDads #CMFamily #CMFS2022 #GreenBlood ...

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The iconic view of Sand Lake down the Hill. 2 Days. Then all the sites, sounds, smells and smiles of #CM2022! #CMOpeningDay #TwoDaysAway #SummersComing #CM95 ...

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