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The Menominee Philosophy

Our mission is to help unlock the potential of our campers so they can be the best version of themselves. We don’t think it is enough to simply teach our boys how to swing a bat, get up on water-skis or shoot a bullseye. Campers today are capable of so much more and we want to help bring out the best in each of them. Behind our dynamic program is a set of core values that guides us. We promote personal development and teamwork so that the boy your son wants to be, will grow at Camp Menominee.

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Thanks so much Dads and Sons!!! Happy Father’s Day from Father-Son Camp at the Friendly Confines! It’s been an amazing weekend portrayed beautifully on our Waldo’s Album with all the pics linked on camp’s Facebook pages in comments. ...

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#CMAroundTheWorld - As our dads and their boys make their way North for this weekend’s Father-Son Camp at the Friendly Confines, a major “yea rah rah” and shout-out to CM Alum P.J. Davidson in New York on his new position with Brooklyn Football Club as their Vice President of Ticketing. @brooklynwfootballclub women’s team will play in the @uslsuperleague and begins in August, while the men’s @uslchampionship team kicks off in March 2025. Vamos BKFC!!

It is amazing how many of our guys have chosen sports for careers. Regardless of what you’re doing and where you’re doing it around the world, please share your news with us in Green Nation and the CM Family throughout the globe.

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With a Phenominee Fantasy Camp ‘24 in the rear view mirror, Pre-Camp Staff Training now well underway, no better time to revisit more great camp memories with this just released Camp Cast (link on camp’s Spotify, Facebook and X pages). Jason talks with longtime campers, counselors, Fantasy Campers (three were just at FC) Post Campers, and a couple of Nate Wass Award Winners from the Senior Cabin of 2000. This podcast is amazing, hilarious and full of tremendous stories and much more! Enjoy this classic camp chat with Matt Schwartz, Matt Feinstein, Loren Rue and Jon Sider. ...

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Hail, Hail the Gang’s All Here wishing our former owner/director Steve Kanefsky a very happy and healthy birthday and congratulations on his, Bari’s and Eva’s new home on Dam Lake! #CampKanefsky 💚🎂 ...

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1 Week. 7 Sleeps. #CM2024 #OpeningDay #CM96 💚🤍
(photo credit: @taylorbeaus)

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The Menominee Way is back! We have a fresh series closing episode for you involving several Nate Wasserman Award Winners throughout the years! So what is the Nate Wasserman Award? Why is this our badge of honor? Can you be the next Nate winner? Let's find out! If you haven't seen it yet check out our previous videos about Attitude, Sportsmanship, Determination, Spirit, Heart & Leadership as well! Every episode of The Way is on our YouTube channel @CampMenomineeNew

#thewayseries #menomineeway #cmyoutube #newepisode #seriesfinale #natewassermanaward #attitude #sportsmanship #determination #spirit #heart #leadership #cmfantasycamp

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The 2024 Fantasy Camp Green & White Competition “shockingly” came down to the All-Camp Relay and found the Whites victorious at the Top of the Hill at the Flag Pole! ...

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Congratulations to the 11E for defending their Fantasy Camp Twilight League Title 18-8 on the BBSD this afternoon. They went undefeated and once again take home the Bob Sachs Championship Trophy! 🏆 Well done, Boys. #HitRunHustle
#fantasycamp2024 #cmfantasycamp #BBSD

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Action-packed Fantasy Camp Pickleball in the Green House! #fantasycamp2024 #cmfantasycamp 🎾 ...

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#FantasyCamp2024 Green & White Dodgeball. First event of the day goes to the Whites! #cmfantasycamp ...

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