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For the Love of Camp

The Menominee Philosophy

Our mission is to help unlock the potential of our campers so they can be the best version of themselves. We don’t think it is enough to simply teach our boys how to swing a bat, get up on water-skis or shoot a bullseye. Campers today are capable of so much more and we want to help bring out the best in each of them. Behind our dynamic program is a set of core values that guides us. We promote personal development and teamwork so that the boy your son wants to be, will grow at Camp Menominee.

See What's Happening At Camp

#tbt #FantasyCamp23 All-Camp Relay Tennis. Sal. Jimmy. Teddy Roth commentary. Classic. 💚🤍🎾 ...

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Pre Pre Pre Camp preparations are ongoing unabated at the Friendly Confines on the Northwoods’ finest camp athletic fields. (Photo credit: Joseph Stapleton) ...

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One of the sure hallmarks that summer is indeed coming is when Craig and Joe break-out these green machines and Bear is on patrol at the Friendly Confines! #SummersComing #CM96 #CM2024 💚🤍🐻(photo credit: Craig Dobson) ...

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Nature Break. 4/8/24. ...

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Sunday’s Stapleton Smiling and CM Swaggin’! Good catch, Joe! 💚🤍🐠 ...

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It’s a Camp Cast and #CM2024 Staff Extravaganza!

Here are some of our most recent podcast guests and topics you will definitely want to check-out...
-Throwback Show from ‘23 with Ryan Firman and Jack Behar
- Second Years Counselors with Miles Provus, Ethan Mann, Nate Beermann, Ryan Martin, Jacob Schneider, Cooper Spector, Ben Lazarus and Jon Wool
-The Weiss Cousins - Brett Weiss and Isaac Weiss
-International Staff Experience I Alice Matthews and Beth Potts
-International Staff Experience II Aranza Pastrana and Gavin Prtichard

Speaking of Staff...Our crew for the Summer of ‘24 is shaping up to be one of the greatest we have ever had. Every day we are signing up new team members that are thrilled to come work with our boys this summer. We currently have over 40 profiles on our Meet the Counselors and Meet the Directors pages so you can get to know the spectacular people joining us this summer.

We have some outstanding new staff joining some of our favorite returners like Jeff, Woody, Pamela, Thomas C, Jeremy, Fernando, Henning, Craig and Joe, Chef Mike, Dora Mezo, Aranza Pastrana, Coach Kevin Davis, Chef Charles, Nurse Melanie, Nurse Claire, Nurse Lauren, Andi Vargas, Fernando Hernandez, Ryan Hume, Gavin Pritchard, Isis Modesto, Beth Potts, Josh “Juice” Goodman, Benji Gau, Alice Matthews, Gareth Doherty, Isaac Miller, Sam Goodman, Drew Benjamin, Max Kirsch, Joey Hoffman, Jeremy Bach, Harrison Hoffman, Brady Weiss, Asher Berman , Nate Beermann, Brady Kay, Ben Lazarus, Miles Provus, Cooper Spector, Ethan Mann Ryan Martin, Ethan Mann, Ryan Weil, Spencer Auslander, Matthew Harfield, Charlie Eisenberg, Nate Vass, Asher Diamond, Josh Jaffe, Jason Anderson and many more!

Links to all the above CM Megaphone News Releases are available in camp’s emails and Facebook page. ENJOY!

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#CMAroundTheWorld Menominee was well-represented at Milwaukee’s Home Opener with Minnesota. Legendary Alums Loren Rue (the Brewers’ Senior Chef) and Cory Provus (the Twins’ TV Play-By-Play Man) reunited prior to the game! #CMLegends #CMInTheShow💚🤍⚾️✅ ...

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