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For the Love of Camp

The Menominee Philosophy

Our mission is to help unlock the potential of our campers so they can be the best version of themselves. We don’t think it is enough to simply teach our boys how to swing a bat, get up on water-skis or shoot a bullseye. Campers today are capable of so much more and we want to help bring out the best in each of them. Behind our dynamic program is a set of core values that guides us. We promote personal development and teamwork so that the boy your son wants to be, will grow at Camp Menominee.

See What's Happening At Camp

#MCM Menominee Crushes Monday - CM Alum and Emmy and Oscar-winning producer and director Ed Zwick of such films as “Glory” and “Blood Diamond” and the TV series “thirtysomething.” Now, “Eddie” plumbs his 40-year career for a memoir that offers an unvarnished take on the industry and his own experiences on the front lines of entertainment, “Hits, Flops and Other Illusions.” He talks with correspondent Luke Burbank about the heroes and villains, the art of compromise, and the vagaries of success on this feature from CBS Sunday Morning. You will hear a lot of camp influence in EZ’s perspective, to be sure. Link on camp’s Facebook and X pages. ...

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Hail, Hail, the Gang’s All Here!

Happy Birthday to You — Whoo for Those Bleeding Green and Celebrating During March!

Cooper Wellen 1
Sam Goldman 2
Noah Kunder 3
Noah Braverman 4
Tobin Cynoski 9
Patrick Quinlan 10
Huxley Blum 11
Will Yudelovitch 11
Asher Diamond 12
Cooper Mazza 17
Cooper Borstein 18
Brady Kay 19
Isaac Miller 20
Josh Schreier 21
Sydney Schwulst 21
Easton White 22
Rob Feldgreber 22
Jake Gangel 24
Maxton Kramer 24
Oliver Schwartz 24
Isis Modesto 25
Evan Rosenthal 26
Sebastian Ardell 26
Max Rosen 28
Cooper Spector 28

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Hey Green Nation - March is here and camp is getting closer and closer! We have so much going on in our world and we are excited to share it all with you! First of all, we were just in Denver/Boulder and got to see a lot of our camp friends and meet some of our new CM brothers!

We are on the road for the next few weeks heading to...

Phoenix/Scottsdale - March 3-8

LA - March 8-11

San Fran/Palo Alto - March 11-16

Check your emails today and tomorrow for information about reunions and get togethers!

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ATTENTION ATTENTION! ALL CAMPERS, COUNSELORS, and CITs… Welcome to March, which means there are only three more full months before June and we’re back at CM! 💚🤍#CountdownToCamp #SummersComing #CM2024 ...

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#tbt circa 2001. Lots of CM Legends and FC Stalwarts in this shot and Fantasy Camp ‘24 starts just 14 weeks from today! Link to sign-up on camp’s website, Facebook and C pages. All alumni, friends and staff 18 years and older are invited. If you’ve never been, this is your year! @cmfantasycamp ...

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Menominee campers love just hanging out above the Friendly Confines! 💚🤍 ...

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Why CM parents appreciate their son’s camp experience reason #91: We teach them to take care of their stuff like this. 🤣 ...

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The Last Value of The Way: Leadership
And who could be better to lead the way then Woody! Check it out on Youtube
#thewayseries #menomineeway #cmyoutube #newepisode

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Our guy Joe knows! He knows the outdoors, how to enjoy them, and that the days for fishing on the ice are numbered. So, he’s taking full advantage of the time left. Still, he fears not. Because he knows the next wet fishing season is just around the corner as is #CM2024! 🐠💚🤍❄️ #CMOffSeason #SummersComing #GreenNation ...

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So, this is cool. Jason and Steve are teaming-up together again to promote camping TONIGHT! Our former owner/director Steve Kanefsky was asked by his college fraternity ZBT’s National President Emeritus, CM Alum and Fantasy Camp Commish Steve Ehrlich to moderate “ZBT LIVE - S’more Laughter and Fun! Brothers and Summer Camp!” It is a one hour panel discussion on the value of camping featuring fellow ZBT brothers Jason Feldgreber, Camp Menominee and Camp Marimeta veteran Todd Gordon now with Atlanta’s Coleman Board, William Rivlin from OSRUI and David Cole from Camp Robinhood. The ZOOM meeting is TONIGHT, February 22nd at 8:00 PM Eastern.

You can join in, too, whether you were ZBT or not. Should be a lot of fun. If you want to watch, the link to view is on camp’s Facebook and X pages. #ForTheLoveOfCamp #zbt #tbt #CampMemories #CampValues 💚🤍🤙🏽

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The best camp staff in the Northwoods is really shaping up for #CM2024! Read all about them in the link on camp’s Facebook and X pages. ...

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Can the campers develop good Leadership at Camp? Absolutely! Find out how next week, from the Last Value of The Way!

#thewayseries #menomineeway #cmyoutube #comingsoon

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The snow levels at camp so far this winter may be low but the beauty level is as high as ever. #NatureBreak #BeautifulNorthwoods 💚❄️🕊️ ...

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#fbf circa three weeks ago. The corn hole bags we sponsored from Pitlik’s 2024 Winter Regatta. (photo credit: Chris Pratt) #YaGottaRegatta 💚❄️ ...

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💚🤍 ...

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