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Team Menominee

Our experienced, reliable, and diverse staff has been the backbone of camp since 1928. Our team is here not to not only supervise and guide the campers, but also to help shape them into the best versions of themselves.

We set very high standards and expectations for our staff. We look for men and women who have a passion for youth work. The former campers have spirit and love for camp. The coaches help the boys develop skills. Staff from around the world give the boys a different perspective. Parents trust us to coach, mentor and care for the boys.

Our staff is full talented and kind and diverse men and women. Each new counselor will complete two interviews, have his/her, references checked and complete a background check. We make sure that our staff have the skills and experience to teach the activities at camp. However, there is special something that we look for in every new staff hire. We will try to describe it with this story:

Our Owner/Director Jason was a Menominee camper growing up. He was very nervous as the buses drove into camp on his first ever day as a camper. When he got off the bus, there were campers and counselors greeting each other with high fives and hugs, and he was not sure where to or what to do. Then he spotted Mark. Mark was a first year counselor who was laughing and jumping around, and going out of his way to talk to the boys who might seem a little lost. Mark said hi to Jason as if they were old friends and helped him find his counselors and meet his cabin mates. He turned the first few scary moments of camp into a positive memory. So later that evening when Jason was signing up for activities, he made sure to find out what Mark was teaching. He didn’t care what activity it was, he just wanted to hang out with Mark.

So what do we look for in a new staff member? We look for Mark. Someone who can make our boys feel safe in the face of fear. Someone who can help our boys feel like a part of the family. Someone who will push the boys to sign up for activities they did not expect to try.

We are excited to introduce you to the best staff in the Northwoods!

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