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Creative Arts & Media

Creativity Shines

Creative Arts & Media at CM

Camp Menominee has a very strict technology policy when it comes to our campers, however we do believe that technology, arts and media play a crucial role in our society. We have a robust program that will allow our campers to explore their own creativity through writing, designing, producing and inventing.

The CM Media Team – Campers can sign up for our media program or volunteer their general times to participating in various different activities. This includes: video shooting and production, photography, social media strategies, podcasting, radio and much more. In fact, a lot of the amazing content you see each day on our Instagram, Facebook and Youtube pages are strongly influenced and often created by our campers. Of course, our boys will only work on our camp computers with no internet access :).

Arts & Crafts – CM’s arts and crafts program is quite extensive. Each day the campers come in to challenge themselves with different projects. This can range from painting/drawing to model rocketry and wood working. In 2017, our campers spent a lot of time making their own Green Slime and constructing their own paracord bracelets.

The Menominee Megaphone – This is our camp Newspaper. It is written everyday by a member of staff, but it is really written by the boys. By that I mean it is they who contribute the stories and the jokes and the interviews. It is they who bring the Megaphone to life. A typical Megaphone edition will include all the key events of the day, reports from games we have played against other camps, the weather forecast, interviews with staff, interesting facts, team line-ups, cabin pictures, and whatever else we can get in there. Megaphone writing is also offered as an activity where boys can hone their writing and reporting skills. Ordinarily the Megaphone is written and edited by a college journalism/English major, or, perhaps, a recent graduate with a particular interest in writing. It is a very popular publication and it can be seen on-line too. The Megaphone is the written record of the summer where the memories can be treasured and re-lived for evermore.

Music/Rock Band – We have some amazingly talented campers and counselors each summer. We do a lot of things to show them off, but one of our favorites each year is our annual Rock Band Concert. Read more about it below.

Camp Menominee Rocks

Every session we organize a Camp Menominee Rock Band. Throughout the week, our counselors will meet with all of our campers interested in performing and they will practice individual and group acts to perform in front of the whole camp. The acts range from seasoned musical veterans, to boys performing for the first time that just wanted to give it a try. In 2017, one of our awesome campers Miles wrote an original piece of music and performed for the whole camp. Check it out!