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Preparing For Camp

Parent HQ will be your step-by-step, month-by-month guide to preparing you and your family for an excellent summer. Check back every couple of weeks to remind yourself of what needs to get done. If you follow this guide, you will be ready for camp by June 1st!

Follow this quick calendar checklist and you won’t miss a thing!


2020 Dates & Rates
Program Dates Fee Camper Fund
8 Week Full Season Jun 22 – Aug 13 $9,750 $425
4 Week Session I Jun 22 – Jul 17 $6,100 $350
4 Week Session II Jul 19 – Aug 13 $6,100 $350
2 Week Rookie I Jun 22 – July 5 $3,500 $200
2 Week Rookie II Jul 19 – Aug 1 $3,500 $200

• Camper Fund: covers personal expenses such as camper spending money for town days, camp store credit, day trips, transportation (excluding flights) to and from camp, laundry, megaphones, memory books and other misc expenses.

•Two-week Rookie Camps are only offered to first year or “rookie” campers finishing grade 4 and under. If your son attended camp a 2-week program in 2019, he must attend a 4-week or 8-week session in 2020.

•Brother Discount: Each sibling will receive a $200 credit on enrollment fee

•If you are a camper from the Phoenix/Scottsdale area and leave early for school commitments, we offer a special option to travel home on Saturday August 1 and Saturday August 8.

Enrollment Deadlines
Deadline Date
Early Bird Discount September 15, 2019
Full Season Lock-In October 1, 2020
Deposit Refund November 1, 2019
Enrollment Fees Refund December 1, 2019
All Fees Paid-In-Full April 1, 2020
How To Enroll
  • Current Families: Log-In to your CampInTouch account and fill out the Camper Application.
  • New Families: Follow this link to Enroll Now and complete the enrollment application.
  • Deposit: At the end of the enrollment application you will be prompted to submit a deposit of $1000. You can do so via check or credit card, and credit card payments carry a 3% processing fee. Your enrollment will not be processed until we receive your deposit.  
  • Discounts: We offer an Early Bird Discount ($200 off 8-weeks or $100 off 4-weeks) for deposits made by September 15, 2019. We also give out canteen numbers based on enrollment order so the sooner the better!
  • Monthly Installments: Pay remainder of camp fees in monthly installments, beginning November 1, 2019 and ending April 1, 2020. Pay by check or credit card, but we require every family to have a credit card on file. If you choose to pay the deposit and installments by check, your credit card on file will not be charged unless payments are not remitted at the time each installment is due. If a payment is late, we will charge your credit card for the installment, and each credit card payment will carry a 3% processing fee.
Referral Program

Many campers first discover Menominee from a friend or family. Please help us grow the Menominee family by connecting us with someone who may also love camp.

Option 1) Fill out our Referral Form: if you’re the first person to introduce us to this family, we will provide you with an enrollment discount when each new camper signs up:

  • Two-Week Camper: $100 discount
  • Four-Week Camper: $250 discount
  • Eight-Week Camper: $500 discount

You can refer as many people as possible, but we must first hear about them from this form

Option 2) Host a Get-Together: Invite 2+ families to your home to meet a Menominee Director.  We will give you a $250 credit towards enrollment regardless if a family enrolls. For any family that enrolls you will also receive the applicable referral bonus/discount. Email Jason to coordinate.

New campers and their families may thank you for all of the friends and memories made. We greatly appreciate your support as well!

Visiting Weekend

Visiting Weekend 2020 is July 17-19. Hotels book up far in advance so we recommend you make reservations as soon as possible. We created this list of Visiting Weekend Accommodations to help you find a good place to stay.

CampInTouch & Forms

Welcome to CampInTouch Video

CampInTouch - Your Main Hub for Forms, Financials and Emails

This will be your main hub for Forms, Financials and Emails with your Camper.

  • Bookmark the CampInTouch Parent Login Page. You can log-in to your account by following the link, clicking “Log In” at the top right hand corner on the desktop site, or finding the Log In link under “Grow: Current Families” on the mobile site.
  • Watch the Camp In Touch Intro Video
Forms - Everything To Fill Out Prior To Camp

Each summer you will fill out important forms for your camper. You can find these by logging in to your account and navigating to “Forms and Documents”.

  • Health Forms:
    • Health History Form – This is an ONLINE form you will use to fill out a full medical profile of your son. This is also the form where you initially inform us of any and all medications your son is taking. If your son is taking medications, you will be contacted regarding our medication procedures.
    • Printed Forms (will need to be signed by doctors/parents)
      • Physical and Immunizations – Records to be provided to us by your son’s doctor. Note: It is OK to provide us with forms used by your doctor or school for your camper’s physical and immunization records. If you do not have those forms, please use ours.
      • Parent Authorization – Gives camp permission to treat your son in the case of an emergency. Please include a copy of your insurance card and medications card (if applicable)
      • Medication Forms – if your son will be taking medication this summer please see the section below that details camp’s medication procedures.
    • Camper Profile Form – This form is very important as it is your chance to tell us everything we need to know about your son coming into the summer. This online form asks for the following:
      • Camper and Parent Goals for the Summer
      • Personal, emotional and social information about your camper
      • Cabin Requests
      • Name, number and size request for his special camp jersey (no additional cost)
    • Travel Form – please see the section on Travel and Baggage below.
How To Submit Your Forms
  • Scan all of the documents to your computer and save as individual files. Log into your forms dashboard and next to the “Required Medical Forms” link there will be an “Upload” button. Find the saved document and upload to the dashboard. This is the preferred method for camp.
  • You may efax the documents to 847-941-0594
  • You can scan and email the documents to

Travel & Baggage

Welcome to Camper Travel Video

Camper Travel - All the Ways to Get Your Son To Camp

Here is everything you need to know. When you decide on mode of transportation, you will fill out the online travel form in your CampInTouch Account:

  1. Coach Bus Service to and from the Chicagoland area: Camp will provide coach buses to and from Staples in Highland Park, IL. this bus will depart at 8:30am on the first day of camp and arrive at 3:30pm on the last day.
  2. Air Travel:
    • Camp will help you find the best flights and times for your son to get to camp. If you are flying to/ from Arizona, please see this important Arizona Travel Information document. 
    • Fliers will usually arrive to camp a day before camp starts and fly home on the last day of the session.
    • Camp provides bus transportation to and from airports such as Milwaukee (MKE – 4.5 hrs from camp), Minneapolis (MSP – 4.5 hours from camp), Central Wisconsin Airport (CWA – 1.25 hrs from camp) and Rhinelander (RHI – 30 min from camp).
    • If you plan on having your son fly to camp, please contact the office to discuss the best time to fly in. We will have a camp representative meet your son at the airport, help him collect his bags and then drive him to camp. We will be in touch with you every step of the way.
    • See this Out of State Travel FAQs doc for more advice on travel.
  3. Parent Drop-Off and Pick Up: If you’d like to make the drive you are more than welcome to drop your son off at camp. Our address is 5035 County Road D Eagle River, WI 54521. Please arrive by 8:30am on the first day of camp and pick up your son at 8:30am on the last day of camp.
Packing - Don't Worry, We Have Got You Covered

Step 1: Download the Packing List

Important Packing Tips:

  • We recommend each camper have a maximum of 2 soft duffel bags
  • We send out laundry once a week for the boys. So you only need to pack for 8 days.
  • Please pay attention to the required items on the packing list. There are only a few. You can purchase them in our Spring CM Store
Baggage - How Will Your Son's Bags Get To Camp?

Camper luggage can get to camp in a number of different ways:

  • Campers FLYING to Camp: Bags can travel with the boys. You can also ship them to camp via FedEx or UPS.
  • Campers from the Chicagoland area RIDING THE BUS: we do not allow bags to be brought on the bus. There is simply not enough room for it. As such, we partner with a baggage company called Camp Laundry and Baggage. You can visit their website and sign up for the service that will pick your bags up from your house before camp, and drop them off after camp. 
  • Campers NOT from the Chicagoland area RIDING THE BUS: you may put your luggage on the bus or ship to camp via FedEx or UPS.
  • Campers traveling via PARENT DROP OFF/PICK UP: Bags can travel with the camper or shipped via FedEx or UPS
  • Once you decide how your camper’s bags will travel to and from camp, please fill out the Travel form on your CampInTouch dashboard.


If your son is taking any type of medication this summer (prescription and OTC) you MUST read and follow these medication procedures:

Here is everything you need to know:

  • All medications must be noted and explained on page 5 of the camper online Health Form. this is found in the Forms and Documents section of your CampInTouch account.
  • Camp REQUIRES that all medication come pre-packaged for each camper. Please read Camp Menominee Medication Procedures thoroughly and follow all of the instructions.

Important Camp Policies

Video: Overview of Important Policies and Must-Knows

Download the 2020 Parent Handbook Today!

You can read into our policies in more detail in our 2020 Parent Handbook.

Money and the Camper Bank

We get a lot of questions about money at camp, town day and the bank. Here is all you need to know:

  • Your son does not need more than a couple dollars at camp for a sparkling water during canteen. We do not recommend having cash in the cabin, so you can add a few dollars to your son’s additional spending account that he can withdraw from during the summer. To do this contact the office at
  • At the end of each session we have one Town Day where all the boys go into Minocqua and spend the day. We will give each camper $25 for Town Day that is ALREADY INCLUDED in enrollment fees. If you would like your son to have a few extra dollars for town day, you may add that to his Additional Spending money account by calling the office or contacting during the summer. We will give your son that money before town day. Any unused money will be returned to you at the end of the summer.

Camp Menominee is a SCREEN FREE camp! No devices please. We are fans of music, however, so if you’d like to send your son with an ipod shuffle or older device we are just fine with that. See our Parent Handbook for a full list of banned devices, but we do not allow Nintendo DS devices or any other electronic gaming devices as well.

FAQs Page

Please visit our FAQs page for an extensive list of camp policies and important notes. 

Must Knows During The Summer


Camp Menominee Partners with Waldo Photos to host our daily albums:

  • We post a daily photo album of every picture we take to the Camp Menominee photo gallery.
  • Bookmark this link so you can go straight to it each day. We ask for your patience as our internet connection is often slow. The uploads might night show up until 2-4am. 
  • Visit our Photo Gallery Instructions page for more information on how to access the camp photos.

We also post a selection of photos to our Facebook page each day. Please make sure you follow the page so it appears on your feed.

Email: Learn How to Email Your Camper and Receive Email Replies

Your CampInTouch account will allow you to send your son emails as much as you want. You can also create guest accounts for your relatives. Finally, you can set up eLetter replies to receive letters back right to your inbox! Check out our CampMinder Email Instructions and watch our Email and CampStamps Help Video on how to do this.

Read our Blog "Woody's Word"

If you haven’t heard about Woody’s Word by now, you are missing out! Our Assistant Director Woody writes a beautiful blog almost EVERY NIGHT recapping the day and telling you everything that is going on at camp.

Listen to the Podcast

Every night, Jason does a 10-30 minutes recap podcast with a few of the campers called the Camp Cast. You can find select episodes here and subscribe on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Read our Staff/Camper Run Newspaper: The Megaphone

We have a camp newspaper called the Menominee Megaphone. We post 4-5 issues a week with articles written by our campers and staff. Check in daily to see if your son is featured!

Follow Our Social Media Accounts
  • Check Facebook for photos and videos. Make sure you follow our page so it shows up on your feed.
  • Follow us on Instagram as we post daily.
  • Subscribe to our YouTube page. Our media team of campers and staff are always putting fun videos up. We will feature a Top Ten Moments of the week, Cabin Tours, Question of the week and other videos throughout the summer. 
Contact the Office If You Need Anything

We have incredible office managers that will help you with anything you need. Contact Rebecca  in our office at or 715-479-2267 with any questions or concerns.