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Evening Activities

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Evening Activities at CM

Camp Menominee’s evening activities are one of a kind. Every single night we have something exciting going on in the evenings.

Skit Nights – not every camper shines on the field or excels in the water. Some show their true colors on the stage. Many evenings throughout the summer, we will have skit nights that put these boys on display. Cabins will need to come up with fun skits, songs, dances and much more, and perform them on stage in front of the entire camp. The winning cabins of course get prizes…pizza party anyone?!?!

Camp Fires – if we are not on the stage, we are around the fire. We use this time to gather as a family, sing songs, cook s’mores and enjoy the beautiful Northwoods evenings.

Socials – throughout the summer we will get together with the local girls camps and have socials. They often have themes like carnival night or, on of our favorites, all camp color run!

These activities at camp are one of the fun benefits of sleepaway camp for boys.

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